Untappd for Windows Phone 8 now available

After a long period of teasing and waiting, the good folks at Untappd have finally released their native Windows Phone 8 app.

Like their apps for iOS, Android and BlackBerry 10, Untappd for Windows Phone 8 enables beer check-ins and discovery; think of it as a beer-fuelled Foursquare.

When you’re out drinking with your friends, Untappd allows you to note the beer you’re drinking — its rating out of 5, what particular tasting notes you remember, what other beers are made by that brewery, or similar beers to that one — and where you’re drinking it. And, like any good social network, you can follow your friends’ beer-drinking habits in a timeline.

The Windows Phone version is not feature-complete, according to the company, and lacks some of the polish found in its other apps. But it’s a good-looking and well-performing 1.0 version, and it beats the mobile web.

Download Untappd for Windows Phone 8.

Via: Untappd Blog