Pictures of leaked Motorola device could show off the rumoured X-Phone (XFON)

Evleaks has once again exposed an unreleased smartphone, but this one could have implications beyond just the initial blurry photos.

The device in question appears to be none other than the rumoured Motorola X-Phone, though it is wrapped in a cover or case of some kind. How do we know it’s the X-Phone? Well, we don’t, but indications point to the rumoured Android smartphone that Google and Motorola are expected to unveil later this year, though it could be as early as Google I/O.

Though the screen is of an unknown size and resolution, it is running what looks to be stock Android, and the photos are fairly recent as it shows off the new Play Store design. This particular model looks to be headed to AT&T in the States, with a prototype model number of “XFON ATT.”

Motorola’s upcoming device lineup was hinted at by Google’s CEO during the last earnings call, and is said to be more “human” than other flagships on the market, likely with more manageable screen sizes, larger batteries and materials that can take a beating and keep on going. The back of the device seems to be coated in a hard, rubberized material that could be a derivative of the Kevlar composite we saw in the RAZR series reboot.

Source: evleaks (2)
Via: The Verge