Evernote Food 2.0 for Android offers recipe suggestions and a new interface

Evernote Food, the namesake company’s former food diary app, has expanded its vision in version 2.0 for Android. Released for iOS earlier this year, the Android version brings a lovely new sliding interface that takes cues from the main Evernote app and from the general Holo guidelines set out by Google itself.

More important is the expanded vision: no longer is Evernote Food about merely collecting a journal of your meals. It now acts as a discovery engine for inspiration — think Pinterest for just food — and plugs into popular websites and blogs. You can clip any of these recipes to your Cookbook for later creation or, once made, you can snap a photo or five and save them in your Meals.

All of your content is synchronized with Evernote’s wider service, which has expanded its reach in recent months with significant redesigns on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Evernote Hello, the company’s contacts and introduction app, also saw a redesign on iOS and a few features were brought over to Android, too.

Download Evernote Food for Android.

Via: Evernote Blog