BlackBerry CEO sees Q10 sales reaching “several tens of million of units”


  • Stephen


  • Monji

    In a year… Everybody is rushing for the S4 and next is the Iphone 5s, after the note 3. There won’t be a moment for those bb10 devices. Only governmental agencies and corporate users are going to get them since they are imposed the Q10…

  • Plazmic Flame

    Extremely tempting! Holding out for the larger screen QWERTY device.

  • Rich

    A niche product for sure, but clearly one that will do well since it has no competition in this category.

  • Mike123

    The more I read on the BB Q10,the more I want it.

    • Stephen

      Weird, the more I read about it the more I realize it’s two year old technology from an unreliable company demanding $200

    • Mike123

      I’ll give BB even more props as they do both hardware and software quite well. I’m very pleased to see BB doing well again.

    • kroms

      The more I’m happy with my Nexus Device.

  • adam the man handler

    They should really have this phone at some competitive pricing. (like the nexus 4)

    You’d be seeing this everywhere like blackberries two years ago.

    Heck I’d prolly just get this as a second phone if it was around $350 outright

  • Rhett H

    What else is he going to say? I think we’ll sell about 7 or so.

    • r0v3rT3N

      They sold 2000 in the first 90 minutes of sale.

  • JamesAlbert1

    i love blackberry but one flaw i find in their business is that they always raise the bar too high for themselves. and yet again they are going it again.
    if they are just bragging then its fine. i hope they haven’t made 10s of millions of phone already and they will waive it later when sales don’t go as planned.

  • Skazzberry 2.0

    RIP RIM!!!!

    • Super_Deluxe

      That is true because it’s been rebranded to BlackBerry now 😉

  • KrispyInTO

    See see no touch

  • disqus_AhIAuwRZ2H

    millions of units that are just replacing old BBs in those lame work places that don’t have byod so no real gains in the marketplace. I don’t know why anyone would want this instead of htc one, g4, iphone, even the lumia 920.

    • Zed

      And what are the new gen iPhones, HTCs or Samsungs replacing? Oh yeah, older phones of the same make (more often than not). Sure, some people might be forced to use them at work, it doesn’t mean most don’t like their BBs. Oh, just FYI, the email integration on the WP8 and its email interface is terrible. Only had 3 accounts on that phone and it was a painful experience.

      So don’t just go generalize cause you don’t like BBs

  • Darth Paton

    Good for Blackberry! Although I’m not a fan of their phones and this one is too overpriced for my tastes, but I’m just glad to see a Canadian company back on top!

  • bembol

    BlackBerry needs to stop thinking they can compete with Godzilla & King Kong. LOL

    I love the Hub, Keyboard (Z10 & Q10). Why not take a page from Google and sell it outright & unlocked? I’d buy the Q10 for $349.99.

    • Sean-Paul

      and thats why you are not in business or a CEO of a company. you and everyone else keeps comparing every phone out there to a heavily subsidized device from Google and LG. Good luck with your future as a CEO.

  • TP

    Good luck, Heins. Not really a troll or fan, but Samsung managed to sell only 50 millions for the globally successful Galaxy S3…and you think you can sell ‘several tens of millions’ of Q10? on what basis?

  • Jay

    I kind of like the q10 but for 650$ just to try it?

  • Ketchup

    Heinz is a clueless glue bag. And there’s nothing else more to add to that other that. What a goof.