Sony Xperia J now available at Bell and Virgin, priced as low as $150 outright


  • RandomGuy

    Finally a nice phone for a great price! It would be nice to see something similar in portfolio of new entrants.

  • Accophox

    Just something to note about the single core processor – it’s a Snapdragon S1 (ARM Cortex A5 – Qualcomm MSM7227A), which is slower than the Snapdragon in the HTC One V, a Snapdragon S2 (ARM Cortex A8 – Qualcomm MSM8255).

    • Gabs

      I currently have the HTC One V and i’m getting tired of how slow it is. So its good to know the that this phone is worse! Thanks.

  • JagaLagaJaga

    Can has work at Wind/Mobilicitay?

    • Tommy Crosby

      No, it’s not an AWS phone.

  • Robin Wakerell

    It is also $0 on a 2 year term with Bell, as well.

  • Tommy Crosby

    Yeah, this thing is slow, but other than that, it’s sexy, it have a flash and Android 4.1.2.
    I still won’t recommend it over a One V but it’s hard to find better for $150 outright.

  • bobfreeze

    Single core, Android 4.x, Not really compatible…

  • Frederick Edwards

    Worth considering Virgin’s HTC 8S which was recently discounted from $289 to the current $149 outright price. Its specs are comparable with a bonus that its running a dual-core snapdragon S4 1GHz processor