Fieldrunners 2 coming to Android on April 24th


One of the best tower defense games to hit iOS is coming to Android next week. Subatomic Games just announced that Fieldrunners 2, its sequel one of the original games in the mobile genre, is to be released on Google Play April 24th, likely for the same $2.99 price as its iOS counterpart.

The game arrived on iOS last July, but Subatomic said it wanted to ensure it had all the tools in place, including an optimized graphics engine and sufficiently-sized team, to do a faithful Android port. Jamie Gotch, CEO of Subatomic Studios said in a press release that the game’s  “rock solid on Android. Add to that the recent closed beta test we did, and fans are in for one of the best tower defense experiences they’ve ever seen on Android.”

Tower defense games are popular on mobile devices as they lend themselves well to touchscreens and single-serving playing periods.

Via: Joystiq