Yahoo launches iOS weather app and brings mail experience to iPad and Android tablets

Yahoo today launched its first major Android app since its self-proclaimed mobile reinvention last year. The company has focused on releasing a number of improved apps, all for iOS prior to this, to reclaim its relevance in a market dominated by Apple, Google and, to a lesser extent, Microsoft.

The company is launching native Yahoo Mail apps for iPad and Android tablets, with a clean, gesture-based navigation scheme that doesn’t look out of place next to Android’s Gmail app. The app is simple, described by Yahoo as ” no folders, no buttons, no tabs – just you and your mail – and you can easily flip through it like a magazine.” Navigation between messages feels fluid and natural on both platforms, but iOS gets the nod for overall performance.


Yahoo is also launching a dedicated weather app for iPhone today. Yahoo Weather takes user-submitted photos from Flickr’s Project Weather Group and displays them, in context, on your iPhone’s screen. Yahoo’s data comes from the popular Weather Underground service, so accuracy is assured. It’s also very minimal and beautiful, focusing on big photos and only the essential information necessary. You can dive deeper to get hourly or daily forecasts, but the images speak for themselves.

No word on whether Yahoo Weather is coming to Android, but we’d sooner see the core Flickr app updated than anything else; the iPhone version is worlds better.

Download Yahoo Mail for iPad or Android.

Download Yahoo Weather for iPhone.

Via: Yahoo (2)