Pocket claims 35 million “read it laters” per month, adds Send To Friend option

Pocket, the cross-platform service formerly known as Read it Later, is celebrating its first birthday by releasing a new app and sharing some milestone stats.

Available on iOS, Android, OS X, Chrome and Safari, Pocket allows users to save content for later perusal, both in text and media formats. Rendered with easy-to-read fonts and cozy, mobile-friendly margins, Pocket has grown to accommodate 35 million saves every month.

A new version of the app for iOS and Android today brings Send To Friend, a new feature that builds on the basic premise of sharing interesting stuff with those close to you. In addition to pushing the content itself, users can add a note or comment and even highlight various passages, which is great for long-form editorial. The apps also contain areas for received content, too, much like an email Inbox for your favourite stuff.

The app competes against platforms like Readability and consumer-focused products like Instapaper, but Pocket, which is free to use, strikes a good balance between both.

Download Pocket for iOS and Android.