Images: iPhone 5 live on WIND Mobile


  • Gsizzle

    $580 plus tax and add shipping to that. Disgusting.

    If the shipping is free, it’s still not worth it.

    • disqus_I4HccUtBaH

      Too bad your a minority in your thoughts. All 3000 t-mobile retail outlets had lines outside Friday to buy the new iPhone…

    • Deli

      It’s not a minority when Android owns 50-60% of the US market and 70% of the world market. But kudos to T-mobile to getting more business!

    • Kyle Piercey

      and expensive iPhones are news to you?

  • Jesse

    I wonder if that possibly means the ones that they will be swapping at the Genius Bar will be the AWS 1700/2100 tweaked model too…

    • Jesse

      Exactly! Plus since I’m headed to the states in less then a month I would really like to know then I could swap it before I head down there and be able to have a better 3G coverage instead of just having it in their re-farmed areas.

    • Timothy Sills

      Coming from working at an Apple store at the Genius Bar, its possible but highly unlikely that you would get a AWS enabled device as it would be viewed as a different model from what you currently have. Apple enjoys swapping for the same model.

    • Jesse

      Yeah I know that from previous in counters however I see that some people where saying on other forums that after April 12th Apple is only planning on swapping with the AWS models at the genius bar instead of having the two different A1428 models. I just wanna know if that is for surely true!

  • CADDMan71

    Excellent, Wind can now offer Apple’s iPhone on their….uhhhh 3G network?!?!?!?!?

    • hamza

      Well it’s not as if it was offered on LTE before the 5 LOL. This is most likely HSPA+ which is still pretty decent considering you get unlimited data on an iPhone for $30

    • CADDMan71

      I don’t own an iPhone so I don’t know how it’s network type is displayed, but on the 3 phones I’ve used over the past year all that operated on an HSPA+ network all displayed either ‘H+’ or ‘3G+’ never 3G.

    • CADDMan71

      HSPA+ can also be displayed as 4G (not to be mistaken with 4G LTE)

    • mleeper

      Only iPhones on AT&T’s network will see “4G” while on an HSPA+ network. All other carriers would display 3G.

    • mleeper

      This is definitely on HSPA+ and not LTE? Thanks for the info. I have my iPhone 4S on T-Mobile, but alas, it does not have the updated frequencies.

    • hamza

      I used to have a 4s on Fido and that displayed 3G even though it was running on Fido’s HSPA network (I got HSPA speeds) so I’m guessing this will most likely be the case. We won’t know for sure until WIND confirms though.

    • Note II

      Unlimited ….

  • Thomas C. Riddell

    I had Apple I am Andorid guy and Bought a new Nexus 4 from Google and I’ve very happy
    I am waiting for Wind Mobile LTE Network now

    • Matthew Wargarbalton

      You are going to wait for an eternity there buddy.

    • Deli

      Pretty sure there will be no LTE network for the new entrants for at least 2-3 years. Assuming they can successfully bid for it. Hopefully, they can do it asap to create some actual competition.

  • JohnF

    It sure is! I bought one and using it on WIND now. Goodbye BB10!

  • Sweet

    You guys *really* should blur the WiFi & Bluetooth MAC addresses and the serial number in the image.

  • McNucklefuts

    I wonder why it doesn’t say WIND Home… hmmmmm

    • chris

      My nexus only says WIND too. Pretty sure it’s interchangeable. :/

    • Accophox

      The new sim cards (microsim variety) don’t add the home in anymore. It’s just “WIND” now.

    • McNucklefuts

      oh thats very cool! I will have to get a new SIM Card then 🙂

  • Fahad Mahmood

    I want to buy a phone with Mobilicity, but I need an iPhone. I use almost all of Apple’s services really heavily. I hope I can purchase an iPhone from Mobilicity soon!

    • xyz

      I would go with Wind rather than Mobilicity. Nothing against Mobi – just their network coverage seems very limited, their dealers are very bad and overall Wind seems more as a serious company.

    • Fahad Mahmood

      Really? I had Wind before, they had horrible coverage! I have a basic phone from Mobilicity and they’re moderately better. Maybe it’s your city… I’m from Edmonton.

    • Walter

      Try using your Mobi phone at Edmonton’s international airport or fort Saskatchewan. My sister in-law had a Mobi phone and switched to Wind cause Mobi has a smaller footprint in Edmonton and Toronto.

    • Fahad Mahmood

      Yeah you’re right. Mobi always cuts out at the airport. Maybe I’ll give Wind another shot, it sounds as if they’ve improved.

  • Zany

    Not much of an iPhone fan but if this hurts the big three because people start pouring over, then I’m okay with that. They need to be taken down a peg because they act Rogers, Telus and Bell act like a trio of gigantic d*cks. Maybe this will also help Mobilitcity before Telus makes a deal with them.

  • Super_Deluxe

    Thanks to T-Mobile

  • Matt Wilson

    To bad Wind and mobilicity will soon be bought out only for their spectrum. mobilicity will soon be sold to Telus mobility. And Wind soon to another big 3 company and both companies will be shut down. because big 3 are only interesred in the spectrum and not run the two companies. so your new Iphone 5 will be useless unless you want to use it on big 3

  • hoo dat

    WIND customers: Be careful what you wish for. If this thing takes off like you hope it will, you’ll be faced with crowded networks worse than you had a couple of years ago. You think data speeds were bad back then? You’re going to be in for a big and rather unpleasant surprise.

    • Sweet

      That could be why Mobilicity has been completely silent on the subject. They’ve said that they’re close to saturating their bandwidth.

    • Deli

      I think you’re right on the short-term, but the long-term benefit is that Wind will have higher revenues to build/upgrade their existing network faster.

    • hoo dat

      Perhaps. But WIND isn’t currently making money, in fact, it never has and is $1.7B in debt. That number would have been higher had Orascom not written off $400M in interest. WIND’s plan structure HAS to change in order for it to pay down its current encumbrances and only then can it start to make money. More subs on a network will only work if those subs are making you money otherwise you’re digging the hole that much deeper.

  • HHco

    I just don’t get that they are saying only model A1428 works yet in the picture he has MD294C

  • AllAboutFones

    wind / Mobilicity will definately get more users with iPhone….

  • Ren596

    Very Interesting

  • disqus_I4HccUtBaH

    Hmm. Is that why all 3000 t-mobile retail outlets had lines running out the door all day Friday?

  • disqus_I4HccUtBaH


  • new_tradition

    I’ll be interested to see how many people are willing to pay for an iPhone outright in order to take it to Wind/Mobilicity o.o

  • Olivier

    I CAN confirm no Carrier… Apple store, futureshop cellshop, bestbuy in Québec city has the new AWS compatible iphone 5 in stock!

  • gandhirajiv

    Above guy post this on howardforum “nope.. bought it in Canada.

    Be careful tho, my buddy just got one and it didn’t work… so buyers beware for now.

    He was able to return the phone.. but his SIM needs to be retrofitted back into his old S3.

    Interesting though, the Canada Apple site says the A1428 version
    supports 1700/2100, and when my buddy ask why doesn’t his phone work,
    the Apple Blue Shirt people gave him a shrug and gave “deer in a
    headlights” look.

    They don’t seem to know what’s going on… so much for those Apple
    Geniuses. LOL. I, on the other hand, is happily using the Apple iPhone
    on WIND, albeit with 3G”.

    • Unhappyiphoneonwind

      I went through the same situation at 2 apple stores in the GTA. I went through 4 iPhone 5 before giving up. Most of the “geniuses” had no idea that anything changed and after I showed them the update online they quickly passed me on to someone else.

  • banujan khaay

    wait so will this work with the iphone 4 or 4s

  • Shūji Kiritani

    Wind Mobile Facebook update: “We’re currently working on providing nano-sim cards for our customers!”

  • steve

    It’s worth the price, and some people don’t want a phablet in their pockets.

  • Shūji Kiritani

    its probably old stock from the store, the store must sell all the old ones first then the new batch.

  • ENI

    how do you get existing iPhone 5 to make your phone work on wind the picture you have with the “about” is identical to the model, carrier, version but the network shows up as wind away?

    • Shūji Kiritani

      You cannot get your existing iPhone to work on the Wind Network, you phone does not have the AWS Band 4 (IV) frequency.

    • Mike

      Call Apple, make up some hardware issues with the phone (tell them it frequently registers “no sim” when your sim is in the phone or that the home button isn’t working) they will send the new one in the mail, and it will work with wind. That’s what I did. lol

  • Shūji Kiritani

    AWS version is iPhone shipments from April onwards, if the store have not sold their old inventory means its not the AWS version

  • fz

    Iphone 5 works but no hot spot any suggestions internet and everything works fine

  • Mike

    Has anyone been able to get MMS working on their iPhone on WIND? I just got mine working (by calling Apple, telling them there was a problem with my old one, and they sent me a new one that works on WIND) and I can get internet working but not MMS…. Anyone able to figure this out? Thanks!!! =)

    • Mike

      Never mind! I got it working! :p

  • Mike

    How is it not working? What happens to make you believe it’s not working? Do you just get a no service message, or is it the data that’s not working? It’s working for me, and I’ll try to help you if I can.

  • Mike

    If your serial number ends with







    Then it will work with AWS.

  • disqus_9jV2HhAljH

    Tried to do this with a Tmobile iphone this weekend , inserted my Mobilicity SIM into it, the voice and text are working perfect, but the data seems to not be working. Any ideas?

    • Jesse

      You need to change the APN settings

    • Guest

      Agree with Jesse, Same thing happened to me. You can either do it yourself or go to a Tmobile store/kiosk and they’ll do it for you.

  • Mar

    Just bought an iPhone 5. Happy to say it’s compatible!! The data didn’t work at first, but a quick trip to WIND fixed that 🙂 Love it. Fast and everything.

  • Mar

    worked perfectly for me! Thanks a bunch