Rogers starts shipping the HTC One to customers who pre-ordered


  • blueadept1

    My guess is that they don’t want to drown out all of the other marketing for the Z10, S4, ZL, and Galaxy clear out. Regardless, I Preordered mine at a Best Buy for use on Bell just fine.

  • D Kup

    I would not conduct any business with Rogers!

  • Alkyne

    I believe Bell tweeted that its coming out next week, but nothing else

  • surprised

    Wow Rogers learned from their previous pre-ordering fiascos and people who preordered are actually getting the phones BEFORE folks who buy them on launch day? Who woulda thought.

  • Dominic

    And by the way UPS tracking system tell me that I will receive it Monday by the end of the day !

    • Dominic

      I preorder mine Wednesday not even months ago … That’s fast and odd at the same time !

  • JLishere

    Can I buy the HTC One for the full price of $650 and make it work on Fido?

    • Guyyyyyy

      yes, rogers will most likely announce off contract pricing on launch day. so you can buy a rogers one and use it on fido

  • Chris

    I have this thing reserved through the Rogers reservation system, is it still worth it, 4 days from launch, to pre-order it and have it delivered? The girl at my local rogers store didn’t give me a big boost of confidence that i’d be able to get it come Friday

  • Guest

    I pre


    Anyone know if the black HTC One is coming to Bell? or to Canada for that matter?

  • Harrison

    Dominic, any chance we’ll get that review before launch day?