Rogers and Fido customers can now reserve the Galaxy S 4


  • Stupid

    Just wish is was available sooner.

    Pre-ordered. Number 7. But I won’t even be around to pick it up.

  • Mlads

    #5 Weoooo

  • steve

    how do we get to that registration page for Rogers, link doesn’t work

    • Stupid

      Got to and then My Rogers. Then look for “device reservation” by your mobile stuff.

  • revelation68

    # 20 & 21 sweet!!

  • Stupid

    If it’s available in store sooner you can cancel the pre-order.

    This one could actually have genuine supply issues at launch so it might be the safer bet.

    But, yes. I think they should include some other incentives to pre-order like free stuff or a slight discount.

  • KrispyInTO

    Similar thing happened when i bought the s3 from telus. they were saying new customers or people renewing contract would get them first so pre order if you want one other wise. I just ordered it on their site when it was released and they shipped it 2 days later. If i was on the pre order i probably would have had to wait longer to get mine.

  • Patrick Serrano

    Finally!! What I’ve been waiting for!

  • John

    What’s the upgrade requirement for rogers? Last time I did a HUP was in September 2010 (iphone 4) its been almost 3 years and they want to me pay me an early upgrade fee of $78 dollars (im 4 months away from my 3 year contract ending). Does this seem right?

  • Stephen

    Good to know. Just returned my Z10 [just plain garbage] and I need a new phone.

  • Alexander Do Rio

    I am number 79. Still rocking a 3gs from 2009. Awesome upgrade 🙂 Ill keep it if Nexus 5 doesn’t impress, and if the nexus 5 is awesome, ill sell this for it 🙂

  • dave

    What’s the word on the 32gb version of the s4 in canada?

  • Monji

    Waiting for the 32Gb version…. 16Gb+32Gb wasn’t enough in my S2

  • dick

    ching a ling