Firefox 21 Beta For Android Brings New Font Choices And Improved HTML5 Compatibility

Screenshot_2013-04-05-13-44-11 Screenshot_2013-04-05-13-44-34

Firefox is not the most popular browser on Android, but it’s certainly one of the best.

The new beta, released two days after the stable variant was updated to version 20 , brings a whack of new features to Android users, many of which will only benefit those who know what to look out for. Primarily, two new fonts have been added to the app, Open Sans and Charis, both of which claim to bring “subtle, but hugely enjoyable” differences to the in-browser reading experience.

Firefox 21 also introduces exceptional HTML5 compatibility, scoring 411+14 on HTML5Test.com. In contrast, the latest Chrome Beta for Android scores 415+11, so the differences are negligible between the two despite Firefox supporting older, less powerful hardware.

The new version also adopts a new design more adherent to Google’s Holo guidelines.

Download Firefox 21 Beta for Android. The full version is expected in May.

Via: TNW