Tempo Smart Calendar For iOS Launches In Canada, Brings Artificial Intelligence To Your Schedule

Tempo Smart Calendar, the popular alternative to the stock app for iOS, has launched in Canada. Initially released in the United States in January, Tempo promises to be smarter than your average scheduler.

By integrating with various social services and email providers like Gmail, Exchange, iCloud, Yahoo, IMAP, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare and Yelp, the app attempts to consolidate your life into one portal. You can send “running late” emails or texts or open documents in compatible apps straight from your daily list, and Tempo even allows you to use Siri to create a calendar appointment.

It boasts an artificial intelligence core that uses the information you provide to link up your various activities. For example, if you have a conference call the app will connect you not only to the number but the extension as well. If you receive an email attachment with a Microsoft Word, Excel or Powerpoint extension, it will open them for review.

Using its connection to social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook, Tempo populates information for email recipients where information may not be otherwise available.

While the app does have a short reservation list a la Mailbox (much of the processing is done server-side to ensure speed and accuracy), it’s much shorter at just under 5000 people.

Download Tempo Smart Calendar for iOS.