TELUS LG Optimus 7 Receiving Update To Windows Phone 7.8

One of the first Windows Phone devices to be released has typically been the first to receive updates, too, and the situation is no different today.

TELUS’ LG Optimus 7 has been updated to Windows Phone 7.8, the first device in Canada to officially receive the new software. While the differences are minor and are mainly aesthetic, it’s good to know that Microsoft, LG and TELUS have not left out the early adopters.

In order to update to software version 7.10.8862.144, you’ll need to have the Zune for Windows or Windows Phone Connector for Mac software installed on your PC, as WP7 doesn’t support over-the-air updates.

Head to TELUS for all the details and let us know how you like the update.
(Thanks Brad!)