TuneIn Live Comes To Android After Brief Sojourn On iOS

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TuneIn, the excellent service for listening to music, talk, comedy and other, added TuneIn Live to its iOS app at the end of February. The update is now live on the Play Store for Android users, and it brings the same great music, talk and comedy discovery to smartphones and tablets.

TuneIn Live displays the content other users are playing across the service in real time. It’s a great way to remind yourself of your favourite Depeche Mode song or to surreptitiously sneak in a Backstreet Boys hit you love to hate. The cards are constantly ebbing and flowing, and the recommendations get more accurate the more you use the feature.

It’s already one of the best apps on Android, and was recently spruced up with a Holo interface and Jelly Bean notifications support.

Download TuneIn Radio for Android or iOS.