Fido sheds the 2-year contract, rebrands to a new Tab system


Fido has shifted their offering once again. Gone are the 2-year contracts and in its place is a new Tab system. This is similar to Koodo Mobile, Virgin Mobile and Eastlink. Fido states that the Fido Agreement is now the “Tab24” and “Tab36.”

The fine print states that “Tab24/Tab36 corresponds to the Fido Agreement described in your agreement. Tab24/Tab36 balance corresponds to sum of Device savings recovery fee and/or service deactivation fee stated in your agreement.” Fido customers can “breathe easy” because your “balance reduces by the same amount every month and will be cleared in 24 months” – basically until the outright price is paid off in full. In addition, Fido notes that customers can “upgrade to a new phone whenever you want.”

The Tab 24 are for Android and BlackBerry devices, while the Tab 36 is solely reserved for the iPhone.

Update: Fido sent us a 3-step process on how the new Tab system works:

1. Choose a smartphone with an eligible term plan – the price and savings will depend on the device you choose, but we’ll spot the majority of the upfront full device cost. The remaining amount is your Fido Tab24 or Tab36 balance.

2. Every month into your term, the Tab24 balance automatically decreases

3. Want to upgrade your smartphone? Simply pay off the Tab24 or Tab 36 balance and you’ll be eligible to upgrade to the device you want

Source: Fido
(Thanks General Tao!)