Chrome Beta For Android Updated With Improved Video Playback

Screenshot_2013-03-28-08-52-56 Screenshot_2013-03-28-08-53-09

Chrome beta for Android has received a nice little bump to version 26.0.1410.49, bringing with it a few fixes and some performance improvements. Most notably, the browser no longer chokes when watching non-fullscreen video, as it now properly hides the controls and continues playback smoothly.

Chrome has been iterating quickly on Android as it catches up to its desktop counterpart, which is on version 27.0. While it is one of the fastest browsers out there, Android has sufficient competition, with names like Opera, Firefox and Dolphin leading the pack. Because it is now preinstalled on all Nexus, Motorola, Sony and HTC devices, it is gaining a lot of traction in the Android 4.0+ market.

Download Chrome beta for Android.
Via: Google