Temple Run, Ruzzle, Gravity Guy 2 and More Coming To Windows Phone This Week

Windows Phone was set to receive Temple Run shortly after the launch of WP8 in November. Though spring buds already blooming, we won’t hold Imangi Studio in contempt — they were working on the game’s sequel for iOS and Android.

But here we are, nearing the end of March, and Temple Run has hit Windows Phone. It’s not an Xbox Live title — those are seemingly hard to come by these days — but it’s a quality title nonetheless.

Other additions to the Windows Phone canon this week are Ruzzle, a Boggle-like multiplayer game that’s available on iOS and Android, and Gravity Guy 2, the sequel to the popular mobile game from a few years back. Unlike the others, GG2 is making its debut on Windows Phone, as developer Miniclip seems to have affection for the platform. There are more games debuting today, too, including 6th Planet, Propel Man, Orcs Must Survive, Fling Theory, and Drift Mania championship.

But Microsoft has been quiet since its bombastic launch in October: games like Ski Safari and Jetpack Joyride, the latter of which is even available on BlackBerry 10, has yet to be ported to Windows Phone, and these games are nearing a year and two years old respectively. Android users are accustomed to waiting a few weeks to several months for a game to be ported, but it’s always expected — in most cases — that it will arrive eventually. Windows Phone users are not quite as lucky.

Developers have seen traction with Windows Phone as well, including a fairly high rate of paid app return and a decent number of quality independent apps filling in the gaps, but the have nots outweigh the haves in many cases. For a platform from a company famous for its gaming expertise, Windows Phone’s Xbox Live library is quite sparse.

Via: The Verge