iOS 6.1.3 users complaining of battery drain issues

Apple updated iOS to version 6.1.3 last week. This fixed the lock screen security issue, but apparently it’s also hammering down on users battery life. A long thread on the Apple support forums have revealed that the newest OS seems to dramatically reduce the battery. Some iPhone and iPad users are reporting that it’s “Impossible to get a working day managed without charging,” or “It is loosing power quickly. Up to thee percent in 15 mins.” While the usual tricks of restoring the device or turning off the notifications were tried, some say that “the battery is dead on 3 hours.” We haven’t seen any dramatic issues in the battery life on our iPhone (the iPhone 5 is still one of the fastest device to bolt up to a full charge). Of course, battery life is subject to what you have running in the background and what do on your device.

Has the iOS 6.1.3 update drained your battery life faster?

Source: Apple