Ability to redeem promo codes finally coming to BlackBerry World

BlackBerry has about 80 million subscribers and it seems they’re forging ahead to make BlackBerry World the “one-stop shop for all of your mobile entertainment needs.” The company recently crossed over 100,000 available BlackBerry 10 apps, plus offer a wide selection of music and movies. One of the features that their competitors have over BlackBerry World is the option to redeem coupons or gift cards – Apple’s iTunes and Google’s Play Store have been offering this for years now. This is something we wrote about a few months back and would certainly improve the BlackBerry user experience.

According to a post on N4BB it looks like BlackBerry heard the calls and will in fact be bringing the ability to redeem promo codes in an upcoming OS update. Developers have been sent the QWERTY/Touch Dev Alpha C device running OS 10.1 where an added tab has surfaced showing users could redeem promo codes (which looks like a barcode). There’s no other insight into how people can sent codes/gift cards to BlackBerry users, or when this will go live – one would think when the BlackBerry Q10 is released.

Source: N4BB