Swype for Android update improves responsiveness and fixes many bugs

Swype for Android has been updated with a bunch of bug fixes and a few performance improvements, along with language models for Hindi and Belgian Dutch.

I always seem to come back to Swype, briefly, whenever there is an update, only to realize that SwiftKey is both faster and more accurate. But I know a number of people who swear by Swype over any other Android keyboard, so I’m happy to give it another go.

Swype on Android used to be a unique input method — gliding your fingers between letters as opposed to tap-tap-tapping — but has since been challenged by SwiftKey with Flow, and by the stock Android Jelly Bean keyboard. Swype, in my opinion, is still the best at what it does — it deals with punctuation and capitalization more elegantly than SwiftKey Flow — but that may not be for long.

Download Swype for Android.

Source: Swype
Via: Android Police