HTC One facing delays because company is no longer a priority: WSJ

The Wall Street Journal is reporting today that Taiwanese OEM HTC is facing rollout delays of its One flagship due to issues obtaining essential components from its suppliers. All phone manufacturers source from a small pool of companies and, due to HTC’s recent financial troubles, the company doesn’t have the purchasing power and clout it once did.

In particular, delays of the One, which has been pushed back to early April, are due to an inability to procure camera components. A cornerstone of its marketing campaign, the One boasts an “Ultrapixel” camera which, though sporting fewer pixels, is able to capture more light due to a more sensitive sensor.

While it’s not yet known how the delay will affect overall sales, the company is approaching the point where users will have to choose between its own flagship or wait the few extra weeks for Samsung’s newly-announced Galaxy S4.

Source: WSJ
Via: The Verge