Rdio for iOS updated with larger album art, better social integration

Photo 2013-03-11 7 45 19 PM Photo 2013-03-11 7 45 08 PM

Rdio for iOS just keeps getting increasingly beautiful with every update. With version 2.1.3 the company has added larger album art, smoother navigation with stunning transitions between screens, nicer album and playlist views and the ability to see what your friends have been listening to.

The company has been quickly iterating on these features, too, as it updated its iOS app last month with an interesting press-and-hold feature for individual tracks and albums. Struggling to find a suitable method for which to activate its “second screen” — the one you see when you want to add a song or album to your Collection or to a playlist — it opted for the aforementioned press-and-hold functionality. The app used to ask users to press a plus sign next to each song, which went against the minimalist design of the service.

Indeed, Rdio is one of the most gorgeous iOS apps, period, nevermind in the music space. Its left-side navigation bar, large HD album art and impressive list of songs makes it an essential service. It was also recently announced that Rdio is giving six months of free music to web users, ad-free. Mobile users continue to pay $9.99/month for the service.

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