comScore: Android now has 40% smartphone market share in Canada


  • Dalex

    Its nice to see that people are getting more and more comfortable with the true capabilities of their smartphones.

    • Keith


      So you don’t mind your personal details being emailed to every developer you buy and app from?

      And you also don’t mind having CarrierIQ installed on your phone tracking every single keystroke you make?

      I wouldn’t use an Android phone if it was the only smartphone available.

    • Keith


      Oops, that was supposed to be a reply to your 2nd message not this one.

    • seroevo

      Your comment is trolling at best since it doesn’t even make sense.

      It both implies people not on Android haven’t utilized the “true” (whatever that means) capabilities of their phone and that everyone on Android has.

  • Hilman

    Android for the win!!!

    I thought WP was going to sell like hotcakes???? haha, WP fans are still in denial.

    • John Marshall

      What are we “denying” exactly? That Windows Phone is a well-designed, easy-to-use OS that isn’t going to be left behind for upgrades in six months and a good alternative if we don’t want Big Brother Google looking at everything we do? Get over yourself, Androidophile, maybe check and see if your phone can be upgraded to Froyo yet.

    • Dalex

      Funnily enough, even Froyo offered more possibilities than WP8 with more apps :P. The Google big brother reference is also pretty cute. Oh noes, an advertising company wishes to know my interests so it can have relevant ads while offering me free services that destroy Apple and Microsoft’s offerings. Woe is me!

  • Fandroid

    #AndroidForLife <3

  • dv

    How does 5,500 mobile phone offers represent the 22,076,000 mobile subscriber there actually is?

    • EvanK

      Because it’s next to impossible to survey 20+ million subs, so they chose a variety of people from across the country to represent everybody.

  • MattyMattMatt

    Really surprised WP is so low. I sell them quite a bit (1/4) and see them around a lot, so I am surprised it is only 2% even though they are working with 2012 numbers.

    • Brad

      The numbers come from a pretty small demographic, and I don’t think they mention if these are existing devices or new activations. That could affect the numbers.

  • mmathieum

    40% is still way lower than the Worldwide 70% market share.

    (excluding the US, I’ve heard numbers like 85% market share)

    • Dalex

      That’s because here in Canada people are stuck with 3 year contract meaning a ton of Iphone/BB users are left. Once these people renew, you’ll see Android’s numbers go up.

    • John Marshall

      I daresay the trend won’t be that predictable. In two years, other mobile OSes will probably be more competitive as Android becomes more and more bloated, so who knows what may happen?

  • Olerius

    I’m curious as to why these numbers differ as much as they do from the CWTA reporting. 5 million is a big gap to overlook.

  • Arthur

    Once the 3 year long contacts era [shame on CRTC!] ends the market-share will be > 75% because of Android devices` cost, quality and openness.

    • Mr.Magoo

      HA 3 year contracts! It’s only up to you (the customer) that decides to go on a 3 yr contract. You don’t have to.

  • Jon

    I’m not sure I’d use the word ‘dominant’ to describe a 3rd place 20% share.

  • John Marshall

    Wow! And all they had to do was release 40,000 different pieces of hardware across a dozen different carriers which can’t cooperate on update schedules or software optimization! They sure showed Apple what’s what!

    • Dalex

      Indeed, they showed consumers that you could pick up an Android device in all price ranges with different capabilities. Last I checked, that was called choice… But hey you wouldn’t know anything about that ? 😛

  • CanadaFan7

    I think the sample size here is too small to be very accurate. I had 10 people at my home last night and 8 out of 10 had iPhones. 5500 does not represent 23M very well in my opinion. Just sounds like Android is using the numbers in their favour.

    • Dalex

      Yep, Android totally owns comscore and skewed the numbers in their favour… Oh brother… Way to counter their 5500 (decent sample size if you’ve studied statistics) with your 10 people… Genious sir, well played…

    • Stuntman

      I’m going to counter that with the 6 people that were in my house the other day. 5 of them had Android phones with one person having 2 Android phones. One had an iPhone. I in addition to my Android also have a BB. So out of 8 phones, 6 were Androids, 1 BlackBerry and 1 iPhone.

  • NBS

    Not particularly shocked by the relative positions of Android, iOS and BlackBerry given that many are still stuck with older BlackBerry devices from three year contracts.

    It will be interesting to see what the renewal rates are like from those BlackBerry users over the next 12 months, and if they do switch, where do they go? I think most at the lower to midrange BlackBerry phones will switch to Android with a small percentage migrating to Windows phone. The premium end will be mainly split between Android and iOS with the edge going to iOS.

    Windows is lower than I would’ve thought, but I think that will improve in the next 12-24 months to 10%.

  • NBS

    …and what’s with people not understanding basic statistics.

    I love the guy who tried to use his friends and family as a representative sample just now.

  • BIll Murray

    I wonder what % of android phones are actually good android phones. Not those shitty one s you see set up in the grocery store…

  • joe public

    What they failed to add was 98.9% of that 40% of Android devices are running gingerbread. In other news a app developer has release android OS jellybean as an app in BlackBerry world for free. The Z10 can run this app with ease with the qnx base os which allows the blackberry user to get first hand experience with the clunky and cheap feel of the android OS.

  • It doesn’t matter what your name is!

    Hey Joe, nobody here cares. You bought Blackberry, good for you. You like phones with no future, we get it.

    Thanks, bye

  • Jv

    “you like phones with no future, we get it”. Hahahahaha! I freaking laughed out loud in line at the bank from that one. Im still giggling. Haha. Well put. Lol

  • Angry Kitty

    We’d be getting more our of our phones if data wasn’t so expensive. They need to give us more.

  • Just me

    I sell phones for a living full time and the one thing people seem to not understand is that over 90% of all Android phones sold are to people who just want a cheap talk and text phone but they don’t really make many of those any more so they grab a Galaxy Ace or something on a tab with no data, if you were to compare REAL smart phone’s sold (high end) against each other Android would be very low

  • robbers

    My hopes for windows phone are dead. They need something incredible just to survive now. Nobody knows about windows phone here in Canada.

  • Collindubya

    The trend im seeing here is that android rules and iphone drools.

    Apple Sucks.

  • BW

    It’s just a matter of choice. Those who wish to do more with their phone pick up an S3 or Note 2 over the iPhone 5/4S.

    I vastly outsell the 4S over the 5 based upon price alone. With recent price adjustments I believe that trend will become weaker. Most of my iPhone customers are the casual fans. They have quite the burden of playing catch up at the moment.

    BB10 is good for what it’s designed for. The lack of simple banking apps is frustrating though. Most people who come in looking at the Z10 end up with an S3.

    The mobile choices rolling out this year is astounding. HTC One, S4, Q10(Some people HATE touchscreens),a possible Note 3 launch, a true “Googled” Motorolla “X” and an iPhone “5S” this year quickly come to mind.

    W8 still tends to be a very niche market at my store.

    This infographic is very close to the trends I see in store for new and hardware upgrades. Give android another 10% and drop RIM down another 10%.

    I can’t post who or where I work for in the industry but if anyone has any questions or comments feel free to post below.

    P.S. I use a Note II for the battery life on LTE. It’s astounding the work I do on my phone while maintaining a full day charge.

  • Ken

    Smoke signals all the way. LOL

  • bob

    the ipoop generation is finally dieing with the garbage restraining apple calls a ‘iphone’

  • joe

    These results are different from my own experience that it’s not funny.