Netflix: “We have no current plans for a BlackBerry app”


  • lol

    That’s cuz blackberry sucks, R.I.P RIM
    Go Sammy! Galaxy s4 forever!

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  • derrrp

    That’s cuz blackberry sucks, R.I.P RIM
    Go Sammy! Galaxy s4 will crush everything!

  • Ronl

    It they want to avoid making an app idgaf. Cause that’s 8-10$ not coming out my pocket so be my guest. I ain’t losing money Netflix is.
    Never heard of a company not looking to expand and not make more money

    -a true BlackBerry user

    • Dalex

      Meh, I’m sure they will live without your 8-10$ and the measly adoption rate of BB10. You’re the one missing out on their pretty awesome service…Not that I would watch Netflix on a 4.2 inch display, but that is besides the point I suppose.

      Its not a big surprise. Adoption won’t suddenly increase for an OS that is nascent. An os that is at best only catching up to the competition (hint: its not) and at worst is way behind in terms of apps and ecosystem.

    • Nina Martin

      NFLX has made money 3 straight years…and that’s after expenses and taxes.
      Their income took a big hit this year because of cash outlays to land bigger distribution partners.
      Yet, after all that, they still made money.

    • Kid.Canada

      I don’t see why having it on your phone is so important. Its already on consoles, smart TVs and Bluray players, and on your computer as well. I have it installed on my S3 and rarely use it as I prefer to watching it on my TV. And when I’m out of my home I’m either too busy working, paying attention to the roads and people around me, or partying. Personally I think Netflix on a smartphone is overrated as most people prefer to watch stuff on their TV rather than on a 4-5″ screen.

  • Apple Sales Guy

    ruh roh


  • Carlos

    The same thing was said for whatsapp , now they plan on releasing it this month

  • wewewi


  • Nothin But RIM

    Not a huge loss, I used it twice when i had an iPhone.

  • @PlazmicFlame

    You know you’ve made it in life when you can flat out not give a flying you-know-what to increase your userbase by a possible 40+ million.

    • S2556

      There is no way releasing a BB10 app would give them 40million new subscribers lol. If anything the people that were already paying for it will just be able to use it on their phone as well. I doubt they would see a noticeable difference in their subscriber base

    • jplunks

      Woooow, I never knew blackberry sold 40+ million Z10. To be a fanboy

    • Dalex

      Seriously, the fanboyism of you BB people is quite hilarious… As if Netflix would get 40 million users, because of a BB10 app of all things. I doubt they even have 40 million people on Android/IOS.

  • Joe Jim Bob the third

    Fortunately I can just download any file I want through torrents and the Z10 just plays it, without any video apps or special players needed. Plug in my mini HDMI video cable, outputs to my TV in HD. I would like to pay and use netflix legitimately, but it just as easy to download files for myself.

    • LukeiPhone

      FYI, that is also called piracy.

    • John_hates_blackberry

      You need a cable to watch stuff on tv?
      Lol. My Galaxy S2 from 2011 can do that wirelessly.
      Way to catch up failberry.

  • Joe Jim Bob the third


    Indeed it is, and the film industry just had one their best most profitable years ever. Point?

    • jplunks

      Son because they put out quality films its our right to steal there work?

  • yoda

    Whocares NETFLIX sucks a*s anyway. Their loss…

    • Dalex

      Netflix definately does not suck a*s, but you would say that if you couldn’t access it.

    • jplunks

      Because there is a alternative service , right?

    • wotzit2ya

      Well Netflix Canada DOES suck .Netflix US is 10 times better yet in Canada it’s same monthly price.

  • Happyboy

    To all the Crybabies using BlackBerry 10 who want Netflix are dummies Netflix sucks

    Ps blackberry needs to stay Focused on what’s important to the customers as a Canadian I wood like to see them Succeed and win me back

  • Thompson

    I have Netflix on my Nintendo 3DS and Sony Dash…just saying that they’re not the most popular platforms.

    • Kid.Canada

      It’s not about the device it’s about the company. Since Sony and Nintendo are on Netflix’s list of approved companies, it isn’t surprising that it’s on those devices as well.

  • Joe Jim Bob the third

    @ jplunks

    I would debate on the whole “theft” part. I wouldn’t pay for it, for the most part, if they don’t provide the service in a manner in which I want it and find it usable, so they aren’t losing money. You are also talking a product which does not have a limited QTY(like a phone which has to be built). This is data(1’s and 0’s) which has been duplicated, there is no theft. Copyright infringment…. maybe. But theft? That’s a stretch. IMHO. As I said in my earlier post, if they provided me the service in the manner I want it, I would pay for it. But they don’t.

  • Dr.Hugo

    Who the hell wants to watch movies on a phone , lol BB doesnt need it and knor would I ever want it , thats what my TV is for , no lose for BB

    • MikethemaN

      Hey d*****s, it’s a very useful service for commuters who take pubic transit (ie: train) to work and want to catch up on a show or two. And for all of you that are too obtuse (kid.canada as one) there are these devices called tablets which were almost designed specifically for this exact purpose. Blackberry has one of those too, even though it bombed and well, you know the rest.

    • Tom

      In markets where data is cheaper and the caps are higher, I can see this being useful, but in Canada when the average data cap is less than 1 GB I’m not sure how well Netflix on mobiles would work.

      Afaik, transit doesn’t have free wifi.

  • Lewis

    Stupid on their part. Competition is what’s needed. I subscribe to netflix – no I won’t drop it….UNTIL someone offers the service on my existing devices and BB. And then netfux loses me and a bunch others and not a hope in hell we come back. This is actually the same superiority complex RIM suffered from years ago as have many other tech companies. They stop listening. Then someone/something comes along and shakes things up and they are scrambling to survive. Stupid move Netflix.

  • joe public

    Don’t like Netflix the Canadian version is pathetic but if you want it just side load it as I did, it works just fine. In other news android OS has now become an app in BlackBerry world all Z10 users can download it for free and experience the clucky jellybean OS first hand.

    • JaymmerMan79

      please post a link to the bar you used… I can’t find one that works and the versions that I convert myself don’t work

  • David

    I couldn’t care less about a Netflix app on BB. A native Flipboard/Pulse/Any decent RSS reader would be much more appealing.

  • mike

    There’s not much point for Netflix to build a blackberry app. Would be a waste of money. There’s not enough blackberry 10 users to justify an app. Everyone is either on Android or IOS. Netflix will go where the money is and with an OS with a big user base period.

  • sp

    not a big loss. Netflix Canada blows goats anyways.

    worse selection ever.

  • mike

    And why would anyone pay Netflix a monthly subsciption for old dated movies. While everyone can just use Utorrents and download all the greatest and newest movies even current theatre movies all for free.
    People should use their little brains and figure out theres alternatives out there that cost $0.
    And same with music why pay $30 bucks for a CD which only has 1-2 good songs on it. While you can just download the songs you like all for free. Use music paradise on android to download all your music you want for free.

  • Telusdoesnotcare

    Hahahahaha, Windows Phone has Netflix for a while now. I love that Netflix is shutting down Blackberry.

  • brad

    good thing the new blackberry devices can run all android apps so they dont need to make there own

    • MikethemaN

      Ya gingerbread apps, and they run like crud too.

  • oldschool

    The trouble is not so much about having Netflix on your BB, I had it on my iphone and GS3 and NEVER used it. It’s about BB being able to say they have it to those who need/think they need it.

    Seems too many devs are on this “let’s leave BB out” bandwagon. How much are Google and Apple paying them to not make apps for BB10?

  • What THey Mean

    What they meant was ‘we’re desperate for them to create us a native application.’ vs. “we’d love to have them.”

    BlackBerry is a failure all around.

    Poor launches around the world, ages to work on the QNX code for BB10. Not many quality applications, poor eco-system. Does not render webpages correctly.

    Goodbye RIM or BlackBerry whatever you prefer.

  • BB10


  • Harris

    This is considered ‘bad news’ for BlackBerry, not necessarily because there is now a must have app unavailable on their platform but just the idea of having Netflix on your smartphone makes it better. I mean look at Windows Phone, Instagram is still not available and I bet people who don’t or wouldn’t even use the app, have considered Android over WP just because the app store ‘lacks’ of apps they don’t normally would even use.

    • jplunks

      you are 100% right in that statement.

  • Victor Li

    And somehow, even Windows Phones have Netflix.