Swapps! for Android is a fast and easy multitasking assistant that won’t drain your battery


  • iphoneeeeeeeeee


  • BD

    I downloaded it last week, had it on my phone for about 5 days and decided to un-install it. It was not a significant battery drainer however it uses up a lot of RAM making my Note 2 slow because it is always running in the background. Great app though.

  • Khav

    Does this software actually add any functionality, or are you just installing a status bar icon and swipe area (and some ads, gotta love ads!)

    • BD

      @Khav – it does not have the multi-task functionality unlike 4.1.2 for my Note 2 where we can multi-task between 2 windows (however apps are limited), but it’s great for switching back and forth between apps quickly.

  • 45

    It looks nice, at least. I’ll play around with it tonight and see how it is. I can’t see myself keeping it, though. I have no problems with the multitasking on my phone currently.

  • kayn

    Given I run Nova Launcher and have the multitasking action assigned to my S3’s dock multitasking is never an issue when on the homescreens. However, after using Swapps! for the last couple of hours I think it will compliment the homescreen ease quite well when in app operations are happening because I hate holding the home button to access the recent apps.

    • 99roxah


  • williamworlde

    I’ve been using this for about a week on my GNex. Very convenient, well designed and no noticeable battery/CPU drain.

    Will continue usage for another week and if no hiccups will purchase. The devs need to live and be rewarded for good work!

  • nekkidtruth

    Kind of pointless if you ask me. I can simply hold my Home button for a second to bring up running tasks to switch between apps, just as quickly.

  • Calvin

    Between having LMT (Pie) and Swipepad, I’m good.

  • Seany

    I wish when I swipe my left side of my phone’s screen, the screen extends and doubles on the left. When I swipe my right side of the screen, it extends and doubles on the right. am I dreaming?

  • superdupertrouble

    Hey, does anybody know the name of that weather app on the homescreen or the wallpaper?

  • migo

    I’m still hoping for something that lets you go to the last used app from the notification area, but this is quite handy.

  • Omer

    You guys are missing the point. The sweetest part about the app is you can tag 3 or more of your favourite apps. For example when I’m using chrome sometimes I need to open up my calculator. Instead of hitting home then finding it I swipe right and bam I have a list of all the apps I need. Of course I can open calculator before I start chrome but that’s besides the point.