Twitter for Windows Phone updated and redesigned, now with live tile support


  • iphoneeeeeeeeee


  • Keval

    I’m assuming this is only for windows phone 8 -.-‘

    • jatsober

      No it is for all Windows Phones 7 and up!

    • Reserved

      It clearly says it’s for WP7 and WP8.

  • George

    My update didn’t go through. Technical issues?

  • Vaub

    No, got it on my Samsung Focus 🙂

    Good to see they made something better than the older version… Not that hard to do tough.

  • Braumin

    Wow that’s a great update. Of course the original one was just terrible which didn’t help.

    Well done Twitter!

  • Keith

    Nice update!

  • Marco

    Love the update on my Rogers Lumia 920!