HTC to release a new mid-range Windows Phone 8 device codenamed Tiara


  • Dony

    SGS4 nothing else!

  • crunch204

    as long as they price this outright at a decent price (less than $400) its a win

    • Tomatoes11

      Not really no. You can get an HTC 8x on Craigslist for like $300 or so. Why would you buy this?

    • StanLee

      Who the heck shops on Craigslist in Canada?

  • TIME OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mid range Windows phone have 1 GB RAM and high end have 512 MB? wdf………

    • WP74Life

      Do you even know what is RAM and what is the purpose of it ?
      You sound like you’re vomiting what you heard from a selling booth.
      That’s bad.
      BTW, you don’T have to be that jealous, we are a big family we accept everybody.
      “Once you go WP, you realize TIME OUT!!!! mom is very nasty”.

  • Hanscero

    WP8 no thanks, I will even consider a bb z10 over that.

    • glonq

      Despite WP having only 3% market share, MobileSyrup has become infested by a large community of WP astroturfers who aggressively downvote others.

      Time will tell, but I suspect that you’re right: more people will buy the new BB’s than WP8 phones.

    • Telusdoesnotcare

      Shut up shill. Syrup is full of unemployed Android users and Blackberry shills.

      Very few actual WP fans on here, and the fans that are on here are constantly downvoted.

  • zzZZzz

    HTC is not doing particularly well with their Windows phone to warrant another, IMO. But maybe they’re doing better outside N.A.

    Then again, HTC is doing pretty bad with Android too, so I suppose a dual strategy is better than no strategy. For their sake, hope at least one works – the ONE being a winner.

    • glonq

      Nokia is not doing particularly well either, but has eleven Lumia models!

  • wotzit2ya

    Will wait for the Honey BooBoo

  • SC

    Please stop using 4.3 inch WVGA screens. If 1080p is the new high end then 720p is the midrange and wvga is the low end.

  • W8er

    Find 720p screens cheap enough that don’t have to be subsidized by Google and then we’ll talk SC. In the mean time keep it to yourself.