Instagram now boasts 100 million active monthly users


  • lol

    100 million monthly hipsters

    • Dz

      @lol, no… no longer just hipsters, it’s definitely mainstream. Now everyone is posting what they will be digesting and how cool their nails are ‘did’.

      Thank goodness I canned my account. I’m so tired of wasting my dataplan on nothing relevant.

    • Dave

      99.9 maybe. There is some decent stuff on there, and connecting with those photographers is really quite rewarding as I have found the community to be extremely friendly and willing to give you constructive criticism on everything. It’s a photography sharing medium, first and foremost. If you follow someone who has no interest in photography, obviously you will get nothing but terrible photos of food, nails, shoes, and Justin Bieber, because those are the only things that matter to them.

  • Rich

    My only experience with instagram is from people on twitter posting a picture here and there. It seems like just about any other image hosting site could be used in the same way so I don’t really know the huge draw, outside of some basic filters.

    • Dave

      Slicker, more reliable interface. Flickr and Picassa are more versatile for sure, but they are no where near as fast or accessible.

  • Hanscero

    Mmmmm what can I say, yeehaaaa!

  • Tony

    Top 10 most frequently posted pictures on Instagram:

    1. Food
    2. Duckfaces
    3. …


    • EvanK

      Too true 😆

  • j t

    you guys are following the wrong people. IG is great for pr0n and pics of your favourite things.

  • Ferraro

    Come to blackberry and you’ll have another 100 million.

    • Dave

      What? There are definitely not 100 million Z10’s in circulation, nor will there ever be. If you are talking about 9000 series and below, we don’t want to see the worst photos ever taken (unless you like the Blackberry “plaid” filter I see on every shitty photo taken with them)

  • Telusdoesnotcare

    Screw Blackberry!!

  • Joe

    And not one user is from Windows Phone or BlackBerry. 🙁

  • Facebook shun big investor?

    Wasn’t Microsoft a big Facebook investor? Yet still WP Instagram app? What’s that tell ya?

  • Dz


    Yes, there are real talented photographers using Instagram, but like you said, the service is populated of 99.9% junk. It’s quite sad. The self promotion to try to get ‘hearts’ is ridiculous. I never seen more hashtags on anything than on Instagram. It’s a service of people thinking they’re important and need recognition, yet the pictures are of the products they buy?… Talk about free advertising.

    Yes, I followed the wrong people, which are also my friends. Unfortunately, I found out more about their commercialism than their artistic expression in actual photography.