WhatsApp for Windows Phone updated with WP8 support


  • jplunks

    This updated app is terrible, WP8 users do NOT update this app yet. It crashes and hangs sometime. You get the lock screen notifications but its not worth it with all the bugs

  • jplunks

    I stand corrected. This is the update to the update. Its a go. But I would liken to see the ability to send your own video that are already on the phone

  • Happyboy

    What’s app sucks and windows sucks

    • Josh


  • Michael

    Thanks for promoting WP apps for WP users on the site, vevry platform no matter how big or small has fans.

  • glonq

    As a developer, I appreciate why they chose to maintain a universal WP7/WP8 version. The returns on WP development are so terribly low compared to iOS and Android that it’s barely worth doing. So the extra overhead of keeping *two* WP versions would just be ridiculous.

  • amitmehta

    i am unable to use whatsapp