WhatsApp for Windows Phone updated with WP8 support


WhatsApp for Windows Phone has been through some turmoil — updated, removed, updated again but not with WP8 support — but now it seems to be safely stowed with its seatbelt fastened. The latest update introduces true Windows Phone 8 support, complete with lock screen notifications, a larger and cleaner live tile design, and an improved overall layout.

Considering Windows Phone doesn’t seem to be getting love from Kik, and there are precious few reliable (and well-maintained) Google Talk clients, WhatsApp seems to be the best way to communicate with other smartphone users across platforms.

Unfortunately, due to WhatsApp’s insistence on maintaining a universal version between WP7 and WP8, the app uses the system’s audio API to maintain a connection to the internet when WiFi is enabled and the screen is off. This results in excessive battery drain, which could be prevented if the company decided to part out the two versions. Nevertheless, this is a great app and, along with recent updates to Android, proves that it the team is getting its act together when it comes to design.

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Via: WPCentral