Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 spotted at company’s official MWC booth


  • wp74life

    There is no limit to the stupidity of android.
    Why do they still name it as a phone?
    “Once you go WP, you never go back”

    • rhys

      yeah ive went to wp7 and 8, and went back to android both times, wp is too bleh, no customizing, you just look like every other wp device

    • EvanK

      WP isn’t a bad OS per se, I’d still rather have it than iOS, but its lack of customization when compared to Android is a major turn off to me. The devices are smooth, intuitive and easy to use, but I’m fine sacrificing that ease of use for an Android phone that lets me tweak it to my heart’s desire. Windows Phone’s great, it’s just not for me.

    • Mexico Ron

      Samsung really does count on their users being dumb as s**t bricks don’t they? An 8 inch phone? And it is a phone with an earpiece. I am so glad I gave up being a Samtard for Z10. The moment I left I could feel the stupid going away. I can’t believe I was such a diehard and devoted follower for so long. Feels good to be free. I imagine it’s what leaving any cult feels like. From the outside they are all a bunch of wackos.

    • JUNK

      more junk from samsung


    Well I was just thinking phones these days are too small.

    Wait, no I wasn’t.

  • ckavvouras

    lol wp, if your gonna go wp might as well go apple, at lease then your both on a closed platform but at least you have the apps to offset it lol, android4life

  • Anonymous One

    an 8 inch PHONE is the dumbest thing I have heard and see!

    • EvanK

      It’s odd that they included an earpiece, but that can’t be a phone. There is no way that Samsung will have success marketing an 8″ phone, if it does make calls then we can call it a tablet that has a cellular radio, but that’s sure as hell not a phone.

    • icyhotonmynuts

      That’s what they said about the 4″ phone..and then the 4.5″, the 5″ and the 5.5″. I say, let the companies push the envelope. If people want to try it, let them. You can stick to your 3.5″ iPhone 4/4S, or your 4.5″ Nokia Lumia 920, or hey, even your 4.2″ Z10. Don’t knock others for wanting to stand out, try something new, and be different than the rest of the norm.

      I never thought I’d be rocking a 5.5″ phone (Note 2) in a million years, but hey, I have it, and I love it. Holding an iPhone in my hands now, I’m reminded of the Zoolander quote (modified for this post) “What is this? A phone for ants?!”


    with earpiece? hm… holding a brick like size while talking. I guess thats the new norm…

  • cass_m

    Don’t worry, the phone will be disabled in North America just like it was for the original Tab.

  • BIll Murray

    Is this a phone?

  • screamer

    Will buy one because of the s-pen. Love to draw but still depends on the price

  • Silence.Alert

    Why doesn’t Samsung included a Bluetooth earpiece? I’m finding it a bit cumbersome making calls with my One X. I wonder how awkward that monstrousity would be ( better get a good case for it. That thing will add new meaning to “dropped calls.”)

  • Anderson Premdas

    Well it looks interesting enough. Hkw big is big, really.

  • wotzit2ya

    Dat Bezelllllllll !!!!!!

  • Phil

    Harsh comments from some pretty narrow minded people, I would use this for work, cuts down on paper, spreadsheets and marketing presentations. You’re not meant to hold this up to your head…it’s called Bluetooth. This takes you from a smart phone + tablet + laptop to laptop + phablet and a lot less paper. Dumb is a word for i****s, try early adopter.

    Only hope is that they’re able to keep it away from the cell phone vultures. To lock this up would be a shame.

  • tomatoes11

    Um it’s a tablet with an earpiece, not a phone. The international tab 7.7 had an earpiece too. I guess people are oblivious it is a tablet unless you put tab in the title. Smart people these days.

    Anyways, not high res enough for me to consider and will more than likely be priced too high.

  • Henry

    Laptops can make calls that does’t make them phones. This is not a phone, I love it this thing is gonna sell