Nokia Lumia 620 now available at TELUS


  • Vito

    That pic is not a Lumia 620.

    • Vito

      The earlier pic wasn’t, the current pic is now the 620. Thanks for updating.

  • Sean

    Pretty good low end for the price, though you can pick up a refurbished One S for the same price or a new one for +100 on the device balance. Though for those who like Windows Phone I could see thing being a really popular device

    • Vito

      The 620 has a nicer screen than the One S – the pentile display on the One S really bugged me.

      That said, it’s really an apples to oranges comparison. You either want a Windows phone or an Android.

      Comparing Windows phones, I think this offers more value than the HTC 8S.

  • Keith

    I prefer the 920 myself but Nokia did an awesome job on this phone. Here is what Endgadget said about it “The Lumia 620 represents a new high-watermark for entry-level smartphones, regardless of OS”

    • Vito

      The 920 is more than twice as much as this phone at $599 (vs. $250), so yeah, it’s a better phone.

      If you’re going on contract, it wouldn’t make sense to to but the 620 when you can get the feature rich 920 for only $99 more. That said, I would argue it’s not a good idea to spend big bucks (on or off contract) on a Windows 8 device when there a much better options out there (in terms of overall value – specs, app ecosystem). Also, I don’t really trust Microsoft as last years top end Window’s phones aren’t even compatible with Windows 8. While I doubt they’d screw people over a second time, I wouldn’t have imagined they would have done it the last time…

      But for an off contract Windows 8 device this is a good deal.

      I’m thinking about picking this up as a cheap point of entry into Windows 8. $250 isn’t that big of a commitment.

    • Keith


      Last years models are not compatible only because Microsoft changed the kernel to bring it in line with Windows 8. It is not like they will be doing that anytime soon. Also the 7.8 upgrade was more than Apple or Google has ever done for their left-behine phones.

      I would say the Lumia 920 is the best phone in mobile right now–the screen, sound recording and PureView with OIS are amazing. WP is a far more efficicent,bug-free and smooth OS doesn’t require Android specs.

      I’m hoping the rumours of the Nokia EOS are true and we will see Nokia extend its lead even more when it gets annouced at MWC this weekend.

    • Vito

      Microsoft didn’t just abandon crappy low end phones – they abandoned ALL Windows 7.5 phones. Nobody else has ever done that.

      Lumia 920 is heavy and clunky (as per Engadget), and while the camera is very good in low light, it’s not that great in good light (“well-lit shots lacked the clarity and detail”).

      Also, while I like a lot of what they’ve dome with Windows Phone 8, it’s still not good enough to be my daily driver. The app selection is just not there and most apps are not as good as their Android/iOS counterparts (if the app is even there!). Even Skype – which is owned by Microsoft – is lacking features found on iOS & Android (incoming calls anyone?).

      To top it all off, Windows Phone is *still* losing marketshare! While I don’t think MS will abandon phones, developers have no reason to commit to a platform with a shrinking user base.

      That’s why I can’t recommend WP8 to power users. It’s fine for Facebook and texting and some email (Google is abandoning them) but not much else I’m afraid.

    • Keith


      Like I said previously, Microsoft never abanoned previous phones. Apple or Google has never put in the effort to make a release for left behind phones. The majority of Android phones today will never see Jelly Bean and Google wont spend one minute worrying about it let alone make a release for older phones.

      WP is missing some apps but very few and it has a few great exlusives of its own. Certainly no reason not to get a WP unless all you do is Instagram.

      And you’re way off when you say WP is losing marketshare. Search on “Windows Phone is the FASTEST growing OS 2012” and you will find many articles about WP’s 290% growth last year and that was with many holding off waiting for WP8. Things are picking up since then.

      The daylight camerea bug was fixed months ago.

      I defintely recommend the Lumia 920 to powerusers though if the Nokia EOS is revealed at MWC that will be my new recommmndation.

    • Vito

      @Keith I feel like you’re just trying to justify your decision to buy a Lumia. I personally don’t care what manufacturer I buy from as long as it’s a good device with a solid, stable ecosystem behind it. What you asked me to google is old news, Windows phone marketshare has shrunk since that article was published (google Windows Phone Marketshare and look at articles from this month) and you should always take what you read about Windows Phone from WPCentral with a grain of salt 😉

      The Nokia Lumia 900 came out last spring – 6 months before Windows Phone 8 – it was the top of the line Windows phone – it will NEVER get Windows Phone 8, hence it was abandoned. Microsoft changed the architecture of their software and EOL’d all Windows Phone 7.5 devices. There are basically throwing them a bone with WP7.8.

      Whether you like them or not, Apple does probably the best job (being manufacturer and OS supplier) in keeping their phones up to date. They are good for at least 2 releases (3 calendar years) post release. I don’t think you can ask for much more than that.

      As for Android, Google does not customize the OS for each phone, the manufacturers do. For Google’s own phones, Nexus S/Galaxy Nexus/Nexus 4 – you can still get all the software updates – that’s 3 years worth of phones – not too shabby. With other high end phones ($500+) most manufacturers do their best to keep them updated. The Samsung Galaxy SII will be getting Jelly Bean. Samsung & HTC are pretty good (relatively) at keeping up, Sony isn’t but they are getting better. Like everything, the free market works – if I’m interested in the latest and greatest version of Android, I will get a Nexus device (or unlock my phone and put on a ROM) if I just want a good phone with only a partial guarantee of an OS upgrade (I honestly don’t trust any of the manufacturers aside from Google) I have options too. Most users are oblivious to this, especially ones with $0 phones (on contract). Power users are not.

      Unfortunately, like with BlackBerry, there are no compelling reasons (from an ecosystem perspective) one would choose Windows Phone. As a base OS, generally, I like it – it feels fresh. Unfortunately the apps that I rely on everyday are just not there partly because of lack of developer interest, partly because of the lack of solid API and push notifications. Skype does not support incoming calls because the push notifications are not reliable. It’s unfortunate, but true. Also, many of the Windows Phones apps just don’t looks nice. They have not implemented the Metro UI in a nice way and I think there is a lot of wasted/empty space with ugly backgrounds. It’s just not visually pleasing – like where Android was 2-3 years ago. I do like the home screen though.

      I’m not disputing the hardware, it’s a heavy, bulky phone, but it’s got decent internals and a pretty good camera. That said, there is a reason Windows Phone is not doing well in the marketplace, it’s not the hardware – well, maybe it is. I like the HTC 8X. 8S is nice too, but lack of FFC is a bummer.

      Don’t shoot the messenger.

  • Crocography

    And at Wind we get the crappy HTC version 8S, that doesn’t even have a front facing camera.

    • Juliia

      The 8s was pretty bad. I got one two weeks ago and I’ve had problems with it not sending text messages until I reboot and my micro SD would randomly stop being recognized. It is nice and thin tho with very good audio.

  • iphoneeeeeeeeee


  • BB 99er

    1300mAh battery on a Dual core??

    The optimus One had 1500 on a 3.2″ and was barely enough with an 800MHz CPU.

    Its a decent phone ( comes with Sd card) but you are better off with a 2 yr old Samsung Captivate with an $8 brand new battery, Running Jelly Bean and a cutom kernel for $120 or less.

    The small battery kills the phone. It should be $149. If you still want it wait for the Koodo version coming in three weeks. Prices is TBD.

  • BB

    1300mAh battery on a Dual core??

    The optimus One had 1500 on a 3.2″ and was barely enough with an 800MHz CPU.

    Its a decent phone ( comes with Sd card) but you are better off with a 2 yr old Samsung Captivate with an $8 brand new battery, Running Jelly Bean and a cutom kernel for $120 or less.

    The small battery kills the phone. It should be $149. If you still want it wait for the Koodo version coming in three weeks. Prices is TBD.

  • Telusdoesnotcare

    Bring some high end Windows Phones Telus!

    • GrapeApe

      They already have the AtivS and now they have the low end covered. Not much need to have everyone of the 31 flavours when more are just 3 months away. This round got delayed with their messed up fall launch schedule.

      I’d rather they focus on the next round of refreshes, not last year’s phones.

    • Telusdoesnotcare

      Who cares about the Ativ S? Where are the high end Nokias? How do you know they’ll bring more high end stuff with the next round? The never brought the Lumia 900, nor have they brought the Lumia 920.

      How long do we have to wait for high end Nokias Telus? TELL US Telus!

    • noknok

      They got burned with Lumia 800(it was $500 contract free until they discontinued it)

    • Telusdoesnotcare

      That’s a load of baloney. Telus burned itself with the 800. They priced it sky-high and were greedy and didn’t want to subsidize the phone! 800 pricing on Telus was some of the highest IN THE WORLD for the 800!

      So I don’t care that Telus were greedy fat cats and priced the 800 out of consumer’s hands.

      Either Telus offers some new high end Nokias at DECENT pricing, or I’m cancelling my Telus contract and going to Rogers.

  • NoWorries

    if you want a company that abandons their customers is Samsung. These guys are concerned with producing newer phones than supporting existing ones.

    and @BB, you do realize that that was Android which require much more processing power and battery. We are talking about windows phone here.

  • Defrance

    The white shell is nice, but I’m hoping they’ll be carrying the other colours in-store as well.

  • Juliia

    I picked one up yesterday and it has a white shell and a black one. So far the phone works perfectly and better than I expected for a budget friendly phone. I really do hope to be able to find other colored shells. However I have to say removing the shell makes me nervous every time since the instructions say to just push on the camera. It works I’m just afraid of breaking the camera.

    • Blair

      I’d love to get one, but Telus seems to have terrible plans: min $45/mo for a little data and unlimited texting – what’s up with that.