Update: Want a basic flip phone? Rogers releases the Samsung S275M


  • are they on drugs?

    Rogers should be paying customers to purchase this ancient dinosaur phone. if you were to trade this in brand new at virgin or koodo they would give you $5 and that’s if your lucky if the phone can actually be located within there trade in file system. on kijiji you would get maybe $15 and you would need to find the biggest sucker. there is no market for these type of phobes anymore. you can’t even give them away for free. and 10th year old child wouldn’t wAnt it because he knows you are giving him junk.

    • TP

      Why are some posters so mad and angry all the time about any kind of news?
      Of course a ten year old boy will want a smartphone over this because it is a more toy than this to him.
      If you don’t like or don’t care about this phone’s release, pass on and do not read and do not get mad.
      There IS a market for this type of phone, that’s why manufacturers make them, carriers sell them, and they are still sold.
      Calm down, and read some news about GS4, HTC One, BB Z10, Nexus, iPhone, Lumia 920. Why did you even click on this news?

    • Canadian Situation

      I wonder what the Namibia, Vietnam, Guatemala, etc ( One country from Africa, Asia, Latin America) would think after seeing that in Canada you could get this phone for “free” if you sign on a THREE YR CONTRACT??

      I bet the opinion of Canada would change.
      -There is still a small market for this phones in Canada but they should be $49 TOP and/or free on a 1 yr contract.

    • pimp

      is this a blackberry?

  • Sterling

    This is great for those that don’t want to be connected 24/7 or need a basic cell phone when they are driving in case of emergencies or for those bratty preteens that “have to have a cell phone”

    My gf’s parents have no need for a smartphone, and this is perfect and exactly what they are looking for.

    • i don’t support anyone

      Don’t you have an old flip phone lying around that you can give your gf parents. why exactly are you supporting her parents. are you buying your way in the family?

    • Flipnote Studio

      Flip phones like the Samsung C414 are sometimes around $30 at Bell or Mobilicity.

  • Shawn

    What Sterling said. Plus, the battery will last for days, not hours.

  • wotzit2ya

    ahhhh the good ole days , when phones were phones .

  • bigpointguy

    Folks don’t be to harsh I know lots of people (including my wife) for whom this will be an ideal choice. They want something they can make a call on occasionally and not much else. They aren’t interested in a pocket computer. I switched my wife to a pay as you go plan and a basic flip phone on Telus and it works for us. I love my Z10 she could care less. I’m sure Rogers wouldn’t offer it if there was no market.

  • Khav

    That 3-year price looks really good, if you’re astoundingly bad at math.

    • MikethemaN

      Lol. Almost lost my coffee there…

  • Shawn L

    Boo, there’s another Shawn on here. I never expected anyone else with the same name to post with only their first name! How dare you!? 😛

    In all seriousness though, I agree that this is good for those people who just need a simple phone for emergencies. Good on Rogers for understanding that some people don’t need a Note II or iPhone.

  • zzZZzz

    All companies need a phone like this for under $100. Even for smartphone lovers, there might be situations when a secondary, sturdier phone is required. Like snowboarding, going to the beach, etc.

  • DocB

    Technically, its a clamshell phone … 🙂

  • ShadowFist23

    Good god, 3 YEARS for a free flip-phone?

  • superfly

    But getting mad about crap is what Canadians do.

  • MaXiM

    TP, you’re so right. Beside still having a market – what’s the reason for all this hatred speech? It’s not like we all wear black jeans or drive Porsche. It’s a matter of needs and interests.

  • rockman

    I like it, looks like a nice phone.

  • Geoff

    You can get the LG A341 from Telus for free on a 2-year term, not 3-year. You can get the Samsung C414 from Bell for free on a 2 year too. I think Rogers is trying to scam us.

    • FYI

      I just talked to a Rogers guy. The $0 price is available on either a 2 year or 3yr term (like their other non-smartphones), the website just isn’t accurate right now.

    • Geoff

      Ok, that’s fair then. It’s also cheaper to buy straight up compared to those other phones.

  • Trotsky

    I mean, I know it’s not a smartphone or anything, but phones like this were the norm not even 10 years ago, so the “flashback flip phone from the 1990′s” part might be a stretch.

    Phones didn’t even have color screens in the 90’s.

    • Hamid

      that’s what i was thinking, even a 1.3mp camera would be nuts in the 90s. this phone’s more mid 2000s.

  • fgvf

    For grandma. I just hope someone tells her not to sign up for 3 years.

  • EvanK

    No sane person would sign onto a 3 year for this, or a 2 year, hell even free on a 1 year is a pretty crappy deal.

  • PewZ

    who gives a s**t if it’s 2 or 3 years? the cancellation fee would still be to pay back the device subsidy, if the phone is sold $89.99 full price.. well guess what! That’s the max you are going to pay to leave rogers and go to your shitty wind a*s network

    • EvanK

      But they’ll still get you with a $50 “cancellation fee”.

  • Professor Frink

    Flip phones use to be he bomb everybody was rocking these back even in the mid 2000-2005 range bar phone were out as well but the razor was the ish and everybody wanted a Motorola or a Nokia. This still make very advanced and high tech flip phones over in Japan and China just goggle dococmo and see

  • roman

    This phone just says “I’m poor”.
    I’d rather they bring back an old school Nokia with no camera, monochrome display and snake. I’d pay a premium for that.

  • Andy c

    this is still a better phone then the nokia candy bar my parents are using on spekout (7-eleven)

    to provide some prospective they spend under $80 a year on speakout mins. this is the target market for this type of phone.

  • Collindubya

    why would anyone want this???

    Anyone who “just wants a phone that makes calls” is probably to dumb to even use an iphone.

    Have fun living in the past sucka!

    • Trotsky

      “is probably to dumb”

    • hoo dat

      How I love irony!

  • bubu

    Why another Samsung Rogers, WHY?

    The C414 is a piece of s**t phone. It has SO many problems for a flip phone, it’s incredible really. Least reliable flip phone I’ve ever encountered.

    So WHY is Rogers offering another s**t Samsung flip phone? Why not offer a basic Nokia bar phone which would be a MUCH more reliable phone?

    Why is Rogers so cosy with Samsung? How much is Samsung paying for this?

  • Sam

    Who cares about the 3 year term. Research flex tab.
    89.99 over 36 months = 2.49 / month cancellation fee.

    You can not repay more than the phone is worth anymore. With the exception of the 2.49/month and 12.50 (one time deact fee) you can cancel at any time.

    So shut up about the contract, or start paying for your own phone.

  • Oh Hi!!

    it’s free on a 2 year not 3 year. Their Voice only plans are only 2 years max now.

  • Sweet

    I’m skeptical about this. For sure there is a demand for these kind of phones, even in Canada, but the price for this one is too high and the recent basic phones are much worse than the old ones of the mid-2000s. Sound quality is where they’re really bad. You would be better off buying an old phone off of craigslist, kijiji, ebay, etc.

    My 2002 Nokia 3595 is way better than the C414, as was my Motorola RAZR V3.

  • SC Chong

    Perfect for my father in law…

    I gave him an old iPhone to use, he returned it back to me and back to his old Nokia flip. He reason: the battery ran out after a day of use, and he wants a phone that last for 4 days per charge and refuses to charge a phone every day.

    To each his own…

  • Mike

    Is this even considered a cellphone anymore in todays standards??
    S89.99 is to much for a basic flip phone. You can buy a good Android basic smartphone for this price now. This phone should be prices at $19.99 to $29.99 outright. But even still, do people even use these phones anymore??

  • Kain

    It’s good that phones like this is still offered.
    What is bad is that it is over priced. Phones like this are being sold for around 25 CDN in UK and EU outright.

  • Porilaisten

    You want a real 90’s phone? Try the Motorola MICRO TAC 650


  • Brad F

    @Brad F (With pic and dickless)