Update: Winner announced in our TELUS BlackBerry Z10 in White contest!


  • lukeiphone

    I would like to have this please!

    • Eduardo

      Bring it on!

    • FireSale

      Fire sale in a few months.


    • MidnightWatcher

      Good luck to everybody, including me!

  • paul


  • paul

    I’m on telus, would love to brag about blackberry and mobile syrup!! Oh please

  • George

    I will be personally thumbing down every single comment in this thread.

  • Justin

    Count me in pls! thanks!

  • Andrew

    Not convinced BB10 is a good fit for me (at least not enough to spend money on it). However, a free one would be a good way to find out. (and if it’s not for me I’ll be sure to send it to a good home where it will be loved)

    And I do home BB10 will be Blackberry’s salvation. A solid Canadian company and it would be awesome to see them come back to be a force in the smartphone market

    • John_hates_blackberry

      Your idea of a solid Canadian company is one that has seen it’s market share slide from almost 50% to single digits? One that has laid off 1/3 of it’s global workforce and is not profitable.

      Please, tell me more about successful business practices. You are clearly an expert.

    • joe public

      Johnny Johnny. How is Motorola coming along with its 12,0000 employee lay offs. It seems HTC and Sammy are doing knock offs of the Z10 just look at the press release photos of sammy S4 and HTC one. Android is and always will be a cheap Chinese knock off producer no ability to be original. They just copy everything and you droidtards flock to the dollar store crap like moths to a light bulb claiming its revolutionary

    • John_hates_blackberry

      @joe public, you actually think that weeks aftr the Z10 launch HTC and others can have a BB knockoff ready for market? There is only so much that you can do with phone design at present.

      And who is talking about Moto? Not me. As a Canadian want to see domestic employers do well, but anyone who cites BlackBerry as a sokid company at the moment lacks even the most basic sense of what a business is supposed to do.

      As for being a droidtard I have had a 9800 and 9900 and currently own a PlayBook that won’t turn on. I’ve given blackberry more than a fair crack. Enough is enough. I’m happy to be labeled a droidtard with a working phone and a vibrant ecosystem.

      If blackberry wants to win me back they can upgrade my wife from her POS 9800 for free. If it holds it’s own against my droid I’ll consider spending my hard earned money. Until then, they can whistle dixy. They won’t be seeing a penny from me again.

    • BBsucksballs

      I would have to agree with John. BB is cheap and they are so far out of the game nothing can save them. I give them 6 months and then blackberry will be non existant

  • ASH

    OMG….yes pleaseeeee!

  • Cathy C

    love to win this


    I like to have one please. I already participated in so many contest, but I always didn’t win. Can you make my day by letting me win this time ? Thank You !

  • Brad Taylor

    Lets see if a G+ user wins.

  • SkyNet

    Fear me! Award me with this phone and you’re spared when the robocalypse starts :P!

  • Sandra

    Perfect combination, the White z10 and it’s with Telus



  • Rich D

    Desperately trying to get away from my Lumia, please send me this phone!

  • Paul

    Nice… Would be nice to have this especially since I am already with Telus!!!

  • SpeedRacer

    Me want.

  • GDub_

    Sure…what the hell.

  • Sweet

    It’s been 2 weeks since it’s been on sale in Canada and the new entrants still don’t have any Z10s in stock and are not expected to get any until at least March. That sucks !! Yeah, I wouldn’t mind a freebie Z10.

  • Steve Partridge

    Would be great to win a white Z10 for the wife, and get her away from her itoy, so far loving my Z10.

  • brian

    I’m with telus, would be great to have one

  • Gideon


  • Denis

    I dont know man. I never win any contest here. I have been playing for almost 3 years now and I never win anything. I dont know about this man. May the voodoo of good luck shine upon me. May be its going to work this time!!!

  • Steve

    I want one for my daughter.


    ** A Bright white Z10 is what I need, I’m dying to get this phone it looks amazing.

  • ian

    I guess my chances of winning Z10 are zillion to 1 Good luck everyone.

  • monsterduc1000

    Sure, why not. Then I can sell it and use the money for something not based on year old technology 🙂

  • Zubair

    I <3 Canadian Companies.

  • Lakh Jhajj

    The only phone I wanna try out.


    I would simply love to have that Sparkling Z10

  • hanscero

    yeeee!!! give it to meee, ill port my number to telus in a heartbeat, free phone why not 😉

  • YSM-Agentjucey

    Im here and here to win!!! hook a brother up!!! b

  • Titoeuf

    Thanks for the great contest. Hope I win

  • Gary w Spankie

    I would trade my iPhone any day for a new Z10 blackberry

    • BBsucksballs

      your not very smart are you?!?!?!

  • kyussmanchu


  • Adil

    Were the winners from the previous z10 contests announced?

  • Guillaume

    I’m on Android by the moment, but I would love to give a try to BB10!

  • Richard

    I wanna take this phone for a spin

  • Raid

    Let’s rock and roll this!

  • Zafeer

    Sweeeeeet!!!! White looks so nice!

  • Kouji

    I’d like to win one so I can stop playing with the demos at stores… I think I’m starting to scare people…

  • David


  • Rob Cameron-Ellis

    I would love to win one of these!!

  • Brian

    The tax on these POS devices are probably higher than their reselll value.

    no thanks, a contest for a real phone would be sweet

    • joe public

      Why are you here? Go play on a android article old timer..

  • tinh

    I would love to win in this contest

  • Me!

    For the short time I owned a Playbook, I really enjoyed the gesture based UI. I’d certainly like to take one of these for a spin!

  • dave

    everyone hating on BB but I’m sure everyone would take this if they won it.

    • John_hates_blackberry

      Dave, you are correct. If I am the “winner” I will kijiji the Z10 and use the money for a Note 2 for my wife. That way she can dump her POS 9800 before the contract ends. Please Mobilesyrup give me this phone to spare my wife anymore suffering with her 9800. Have mercy!

  • Alex

    Sweeet, another Z10 giveaway! Dibs!

  • Trung

    Best of the best

  • Scott

    Gotta get my hands on one.

  • John_hates_blackberry

    Hey Mobilesyrup, why haven’t you picked up the story about the slashed sales estimates for BB10? Are you avoiding yet another bad news story about BlackBerry? Are you afraid your BlackBerry sponsors will pull the plug if you say anything bad?

  • Raj Shankar

    Hopefully this Z10 is mine! 🙂
    Good luck to Everyone entered in this contest!

  • lombaapasaja

    i’ll share this contest information on lombaapasaja blogspot com

  • David N

    not sure if the platform is for me, but im sure willing to give it a try!

  • Jeff

    Always willing to give Blackberry another chance.

  • Mr Dobolina….Mr Bob Dobolina

    I have had one now for a couple of weeks and am really enjoying the thing. The whole company is now on them. Fast browser and the hub rocks for those that multi task all day. Honestly haven’t used it as an entertainment device very much yet. Time will tell.

  • gurtej08

    would like to win please

  • Bubble Snake!

    Does it support bacon? I won’t use a phone without bacon.

  • kurts2x

    good chance to get into bb10 with no committment !!

  • kurts2x

    good way to get into bb10 with no committment!

  • Eric

    I would love to win this… I don’t know why everyone is always bitching on this sight. I’m always excited to see what every company is putting out on the market, that way it’s always a game of who can try and beat who in the tech world and it keeps it interesting for all of us.

  • Phil R

    Sure would be nice to have this, looks like a dream phone! Sad that I’m on Fido, though. Oh well, I’ll unlock it, I guess (is it still illegal to unlock phones?)

  • Mark

    Would be awesome to win the Z10! Please throw my name into the mix. Thank you.

  • margaret cardoza

    I would love this!!! I have always had a bb. Looking forward to the new one…

  • Elizabeth Williams

    This would be a great phone. I would love to try it.

  • Nancy G

    Would love a NEW phone!Great contest

  • John Lopes Vieira

    Man, I could really use this. My phone is on it’s last legs and I would love to get a Z10. Especially in white! Good luck to everyone!

  • kayn

    I would like to win this so I can burden one of my enemies with the disaster that is BB10.

  • Brian J

    yes please

  • Dar

    would be nice

  • Torluda

    Come on big money!

  • Hoàng Hiệp

    Love it, at my country this time, Having a BB10 is a super star in fan’s hearts

  • Elizabeth Williams

    I would love to win the TELUS BlackBerry Z10

  • Bonny

    Love to have Telus BB Z10

  • Richard Hall

    Just the phone I need to replace my old LG.

  • RL

    Would love to win a BB Z10!

  • Brad F

    @Brad F (With pic and dickless)


  • talitha

    I hope I’m the winner in this contest because Z10 is awesome!! Mobilesyrup please give it to me!! Thankyou and love youuu~

  • Barbara DeFrance

    I would love to have this blackberry. What an outstanding phone!

  • Rosie Parent

    Oh, you guys, how you tease me so! I have drooled over the BB Z10 since BB10 was announced so long ago. And I’ve entered contests to try to get one. My telus contract still has 2 1/2 years on my white Bold, I just can’t afford to swap phones at this point. To have a white Z10 would be such an amazing gift! GAH! Pick me, pretty please! Christmas is so far away to beg for this gift….

  • Jean

    Yes please!!

  • Mart

    Good Luck and congratulation for the Winner

  • John

    I could use a second phone…

  • cdub

    I would like very much to win this phone.

  • sam

    This phone is definitely sweet.

  • keller

    White Z10 is gorgeous!


    Just let yo Soul Glo

  • Perfect.xs

    This would be so nice to replace my work-supplied iphone…. I miss collapseable email subfolders, and the ability to mark an email as urgent.

  • C lye

    Me too!!

  • William

    Thanks for offering this. I’d like to give the Z10 a test drive for a month+.

  • petertinh

    Pick me now. I love BB10

  • mel

    Yes please!

  • saurabh mhatre

    i’d like to have it please

  • Geek

    Love to try out the new BB10.

  • Mike

    Make my day !

  • Eddie Leung

    definitely would like this z10 phone upgrade.

  • Martono Wijaya

    Never won anything before, let’s hope it started to change/

  • Eniko Gaspar

    I would love to surprise my son with the new BB10 :)Thanks!

  • Eniko Gaspar

    I’d LOVE to surprise my son with the new Z10! Thank you so much 🙂

  • Bonny


  • Gerry

    The future of communication! Once again

  • Martin C

    Would love to get one for the wife! She still has a Pearl 3G 🙁

  • Alvin

    I want you!

  • Yuvin Weerasinghe

    I would love this Z10

  • Rich

    BB z10

  • Chiara


  • Andy

    Would love one! Thanks!

  • dal

    nice blackberry

  • arham jamal

    This is mine

  • Omer

    My mom would love this for her birthday!

  • Ayush

    hope I win…

  • DRG

    I have been having dreams of winning this phone!

  • Scott V.

    Me want Me Win Me Happy…;-)

  • MrTax (@mrtax2005)

    Good luck to everybody, including me!

  • kurt

    yes please!!

  • Charles

    good luck to everyone

  • Jimbo

    This would be my first bb, so pick me, pick me.

  • paul