HTC 8S now available at WIND Mobile


  • EvanK

    A little pricey outright compared to Virgin/Bell, but still a solid choice for an entry level handset. I’ll choose an entry level WP over an entry level Android any day of the week, but with the N4 at the same price, I’d probably skip this one.

    • Acco

      $20 difference… not a whole lot between V/B and W.

  • Rich

    There’s just nothing that can compete with the N4 on pricing. You’d have to be really compelled by W8…

  • ruaman

    I’m still waiting for Blackberry Z10 form WIND.

  • Blas

    Actually the N4’s pricing is close only in theory. The 16gb is $359 + tax and shipping.
    While the pricing of the 8gb is closer at $309 but again you have to pay shipping and have a fixed amount of storage.
    For basic functions the 8S works very well, and has a fairly strong battery life considering. Only major downside is the lousy camera, but otherwise it’s a fine phone.

    • Failed Lineup or failed prices?

      ACTUALLY the N4-16GB with UNLOCKED, with Delivery and Taxes, or all included is $420!!

      The HTC 8S is $299 or $338 all in ( Plus unlock if you want to be fair in the comparison)

      So the N4 is $82 more than the 8S. Your call.

  • It’s all about the Nexus!


  • Miknitro

    The price seems ambitious to me.

  • Saif Ahmed

    Why do the low end wp8 phones not have a front facing camera. Its a $2 piece of hardware, the lack of which is preventing me from buying a wp8 phone. I would really prefer wp8 over android or IOS but if someone doesn’t come up with something reasonably priced, I may have to go to android. I like the Lumia 620 but that doesn’t work on wind or any of the cheap providers on the AWS (1700) bands.

  • Anthony

    I scored myself one at a wind store today..I cannot be happier..nice upgrade to my HTC Radar..i am in love with WP8