Update: HTC 8S “coming soon” to WIND Mobile

A few weeks ago we let you know that WIND Mobile was going to release the HTC 8S – an entry level Windows Phone 8 device. Good news a launch is just around the corner. WIND has now listed the 8S as “coming soon” on their site, but no mention of pricing. Looks like they’ll carry the blue version and state that 8S “immediately sets you apart from the field with its unique boldly coloured design.”

We’ll update you once we learn more. In the meantime make sure you check out our review here.

Update: We’ve been informed that the HTC 8S will be available at WIND Mobile on February 14th for $299 outright and $0 on WINDtab with the WIND 40 plan.

Source: WIND
(Thanks tipsters!)