Update: HTC 8S “coming soon” to WIND Mobile


  • ile2010

    Let me guess, Wind will price this at $350?

    • placator

      Yah…$350.00 at least, probably $400.00 on Windtab, the most expensive/misleading way to get a phone…can buy at Virgin for $280.00 outright.

    • JagaJaga

      Most stupidest thing ever of them to launch it AFTER Nexus 4 AND BBZ10 became widely available, especially since 8S was available on market for a while…
      Who will bother now? No wonder WindowsPhone 8 got no market share.

    • jetbeck

      I’m gonna bet on $299 right inside the $40 plan’s windtab allotment.

  • Pablo Moses

    I will say @250.

  • JohnN

    Do I hear 150? (-;

  • Paid Shill

    Call me when they release a Nokia wp8 phone

    • placator

      I’m afraid you’ll die from old age before that happens!

    • Crocography

      I am also waiting for a Nokia windows 8 phone. Come on Wind… you may be behind in cell tower count but why be behind with you windows phone selection?

  • Jimmy

    I checked it out at Virgin last month. Pretty slick phone & OS.

  • hoo dat

    New post-paid activations only. No existing customers allowed.

  • ActivesiN

    probably $400 outright
    $200 on tab

  • blah

    the virgin one doesn’t work on wind or mobilicity does it?

    • placator


  • Piff

    Did no one read the article, It says $299.99 outright.

    • ile2010

      The price was not originally printed. Did you miss the bold update?

  • JustMeAndMe

    as usually greedy Wind has disappointed with the price. when will they learn that not only plans but also well priced phones will attract more customers?

    • ile2010

      Plan prices are way more important. Nothing says that I have to get a phone from Wind.

  • Anthony

    finally..the day i have been waiting for has come..Wind please next time don’t tease only to realease the phone 2 months later..just release the phone like you did with the Nexus 4..now do they have a registration page and do you get notified when the product is available?

  • Tom Riddell

    It’s a Windows Phone Yuck !!