Slacker Radio issues gorgeous cross-platform upgrade, native BlackBerry 10 app


  • sp

    just downloaded it.

    looks really good!! good job guys

    • LTE

      I like Rdio Better; streamlines faster and at higher quality.

  • Pacokl

    freezes and crashes in bb10.

    • Sterling

      Have you done a phone restart or battery pull on your Z10? Sometimes you need to restart it to get a few things working properly.

    • why

      People are already doing the battery pull and restart routine on the Z10? HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

      Some things never change it seems. BB7 software was s**t in terms of stability and reliability, and it looks like BB10 is continuing that “proud” Blackberry tradition LOL.

    • IJustGotaTan

      Trolls who have never even used a BB10 trying to bring it down. Nice try!

  • Sterling

    I have the BB10 version and i’ve been streaming all day and not a single issue at all.

  • Senor Chang

    This article is confusing, you mention native BB10, but have screenshots from the android version (see the on screen keys).

    Please take more care in preparing headlines. And stop the constant push of bb10, frankly itsbecoming embarrassing.

    • sp

      that is how it also looks on the Z10.

      i dont get what you are complaining about.

      BB10 for the win. stop hating

    • Eat It

      @Senor Chang

      Eat Poop

    • C130J

      @Senor Chang

      1. Read the article, it clearly states that it is a “Cross platform update” meaning it unifies it’s look across platforms.

      2. They aren’t pushing BB10 anymore then any other platform, they’re here to report mobile news, even if it isn’t a platform you support.

      Troll elsewhere.

    • Sylar75

      Well, I’ll rain on the bash parade and agree with Senor Chang. Not to the extent he’s referring to but there is a bit of cheerleading toward BB10. It is a great OS and yes, I will consider it for my next phone upgrade. Yes this is a Canadian site and BB is as well so I get the favorable treatment. But jumping up and down of joy concerning a good multi-platform app WHILE showing screenshots of the Android OS is “mildly” annoying.

    • why

      That’s total BS!!

      This site is a well known Blackberry and Android shill site. They post Apple news only because they have to, and they SPECIFICALLY AVOID Windows Phone news.

      This site always misses TONS of Windows Phone news.

  • Trev

    Just downloaded on my new Z10.

    4 minutes later, BTO is playing and I am smiling.

    God this phone is awesome.

    • Sylar75

      It is awesome because it plays BTO or because it can run an App all other OSes can as well. Not trolling, really, but lets tone down the BB10 cheerleading down a notch. Great phone I’ll admit but for other reasons than being able to play BTO on Slacker…

  • Ka-ra-te Master, The Fifth Dan

    As usual, the shills downvote like I give a smash. ROFL.

    Clearly this app incorporates ANDROID design elements. Nice native bb10 app. hahahaha

    If you want native bb10, use nobex.

    • Larry

      I’m going to assume that they also provided native iOS and Android apps too. I believe that Slacker Radio is a web hybrid app repackaged for the native platform of choice, so it should work equally well on all platforms as well as you have a decent net connection.

      I have to agree with @Sylar75. Tone down the cheerleading a bit. It’s supposed to be simple to package apps for BB10, isn’t it? I keep seeing that over and over. Even I have ported an Android app to PlayBook and BB10. It isn’t like they wrote this from scratch in C++.

  • ile2010

    Works well on my iPhone 5 and my Nokia Lumia 800. Gonna give it a try on a Z10 soon.

  • Sterling

    if anything, it incorporates Windows 8 Metro design. And for anyone wondering, it is a native app on BB10

  • Fury

    Updated. I don’t like the look. The reason I used slacker as opposed to some of it’s competitors was the look. I don’t like this pastel blue neutral minimal look. If I wanted that kind of app, I’d own an iPhone.

    Least it seems to fix most of the bugs I’ve had over the past 2 years.

  • duw

    Used Slacker for about 3 week. Switched to Rdio because of a massive lack of/amount of greyed-out music.

  • WTangoFoxtrot

    works awesome on BB10, been waiting for this for some time, thanks !

  • Dilkatron

    Been on slacker for awhile now and love it. Rdio has a bit more selection. But 3.99 compared to 9.99. it’s not twice as good. You can still cache content on slacker for 3.99. great for trips.

  • Dr.Hugo

    Nothing wrong with cheering the BB10 , its the trolls that caused it with dissing BB so the BB’s are making a stand because the BB10 is a great device 🙂

    • Sylar75

      Really?? I’ve been here for a while and I’d say, compared to many other, more visible sites, there are VERY FEW comments disrespecting BB10. Don’t go on The Verge or Engadget, you’ll have nightmares!!

      90% of the comments about BB over the past year have been mostly about how folks were happy with the coming of a new OS, that it had good promise and hoped it would do well. Many, however, doubted that it would be enough to get back into the game. Is that so bad?? If you can’t take an ounce of criticism with a ton on compliment, you have a self-esteem problem.

  • Michael

    It looks like a Windows Phone app.

  • why

    So it apes the Windows Phone tile style, while also looking half-Android, and it runs on BB10. What a frankenstein mess of a UI HAHAHAHAHAAH.

  • Sylar75

    Jesus! Can anyone just say ANYTHING but OMG OMG OMG I LUVZ BB10 and not get downranked?? Won’t lose sleep over it but it makes the comment section, and the whole site for that matter less relevant because of the massive BB Cheerleading.

    We said BB10 was very good. Said it was nice they ported this app. Said we hope BB10 does fine.

    We were only pointing out that there isn’t a reason to be drooling all over the place and claiming BB massive superiority with this app for BB10 when the pictures show the Android version, it exists cross platform, isn’t all that unique to begin with and FWIW, I don’t really think it so UBER GORGEOUS… Look very nice but gorgeous?