Bell Let’s Talk Day raises over $4.8 million, sees 96,266,266 calls, texts, tweets and Facebook shares

Yesterday was the Bell’s “Talk Day” and the many Canadians – plus competing carriers – stepped up to participate for the worthy cause. Bell donated 5¢ for every text message sent, long distance call made, every Twitter retweets and Facebook wall posts. According to their press release this year smashed last years number of $3,926,014.20 for a total of 96,266,266 calls, texts, tweets and Facebook shares… which translates into a whopping $4,813,313.30 to support mental health initiatives.

Update: It seems that Bell Aliant has muscled their way into the Guinness World Records and captured the title for the “Most people sending a text message simultaneously” with over 1,072 participants.

Source: CNW (2)