Bell Let’s Talk Day raises over $4.8 million, sees 96,266,266 calls, texts, tweets and Facebook shares


  • Dylan.D

    Thats absolutely amazing. So glad so many people took the smallest amount of time of their day to simply tweet “#bellletstalk”.

    Wonderful cause.

  • T1MB0T

    Good to see a company do something to help Canadians.

  • George

    Great by bell! Even though its a tax write off its still good that they donate it for a notable cause.

  • Superfly

    I thought they were donating 50 million? This 4.8 mil is great news but they need new PR people because this is all a bit confusing.

    • Larry

      Their “PR people” did just fine.

      Maybe you need a simple mathematics course to understand how to calculate 5 cents from every text, LD call, Tweet or Facebook share.

      Here is a simple equation for you 96266266 x 5%. 😉

  • Lukeiphone

    I hope they don’t rip us off to recover that amount.

    • Larry

      You are pathetic, a company does something positive and you have to try and degrade the good they have done. Get a life.

    • Bravo – Bravo – Zulu – 1 – 0

      Larry, you clearly have a vested interest in this cause. But that doesn’t mean we’re all in agreement. I still think Bell
      does very little in terms of social responsibility compared to what they could be doing based on their size and dominant market position. This is all smoke and mirrors, and just another PR circus. They are still the same greedy, monopolistic bullies which overcharges for all their services. If you want to be another Bell sheep, go ahead. Just don’t expect all to follow.

  • Larry

    Thanks Bell, money raised for a good cause.

  • James

    SMS is such a cash chow, 4.8 million is nice but they should have given 10 cents/text or 9.6 million instead

  • AbeZ

    Does this also include Virgin Mobile?

    • c

      Unfortunately for the texting and long distance calls, it was Bell Mobility customers only. However, for the tweets and facebook shares, everyone was welcome to join in!

      I myself retweeted so much that twitter “jailed” me.

      I also had my friend who is a Bell Mobility customer SMS Bomb me with an app (I set his contact in a block list so I didn’t receive the notifications)

      He texted me almost 4000 times that day by midnight! My phone was so backlogged it was crazy.

  • Martin

    They committed for 50 million over 5 years in 2010.

    This Let’s Talk Day event is an extra investment over years.

    With this year’s result, they added 4.8 million on top of the 50 million and their total commitment is a bit over 60 million with their past Let’s Talk Day events.

  • Olerius

    For the record, that’s over a 20% increas over last year’s totals. Glad to see the word is getting out there!

  • Jordan

    Is it me or does that record seem a bit low?

  • Al

    Not to rain on the parade but this is gimmickry of the highest order.

    • Larry

      Exactly how is this “gimmickry of the highest order”?

      They wanted to do something positive and have their customers feel that they are part of it.

      What have you done to raise almost $5M in a day for a good cause?

  • wotzit2ya

    Expect a price hike on plans soon

  • Happyboy

    It is good of bell I had bell 15 years ago back when I live on Ontario bell is a good company

  • justin

    Cool that the record was set where I’m going to school! I guess the 3 universities in Halifax contributed to those texts quite a bit.

  • Michel

    i sent over 13,700 texts on feb 12th> raised 685$.

  • Rick

    I don’t understand why they make people do all the work, if you want to make a donation just do so. It’s almost like they want recognition for something that another carrier does all the time without asking their clients to kill themselves.

    Stupid Bell

    • c

      It’s to get people talking about mental health issues, it is a fun campaign that gets people involved. Slapping a mental health organization with $4mil just by itself doesn’t raise wide spread awareness such as this does.

      You are thick-headed.

    • Calvin

      You have absolutely zero idea about what this was about to begin with. To put it short, it was to raise mental health awareness and donate to those initiatives.

    • G

      So you are saying that the “Lets Talk” campaign would be better if there was zero communication? Do you understand what talking is?

  • T1MB1T

    This was WINDS Idea but Bell stole it!

  • Someone

    Disclaimer: I’m a Bell employee.

    Bell has been donating to charities for many years, mostly silently, or in low-profile donations.

    This time Bell put its mammoth media machinery into action with an integrated campaign. Call it evil, call it deceitful, call it whatever, but you can’t deny that there are only a few companies in Canada that can engage the community in ways that giant telecoms can.

    And why not get recognition?

    Bell is a profit making venture.. that is its raison d’etre. It is up to its shareholders (you know, people like you and me, and people who have pension funds or mutual funds that own Bell stocks etc.) who should take the rich returns from the Bell stock and put it towards charity.
    (After all, Bell and other telcos are accused of having huge profits… so the beneficiaries should put the dividends and capital gains to work).

    Yet Bell goes ahead with this initiative, because it can do it well. It helps out people in need, and Bell benefits in the long run too. That’s Business 2.0.

  • royf29

    i installed a text scheduler and I sent 5 sms a minute to a friend (that actually asked me to do so) for 24hr. With the text and facebook and twitter I contributed to roughly $400