Samsung Galaxy S IV likely to debut in March with contactless gestures and a resemblance to its predecessor


  • B-Dupp

    So if Samsung increases the GS4 to 4.99 inches, why don’t they just call it the Note 3? I love how screen sizes are getting out of control.

    • Eduardo

      Maybe they found a way to fit a 4.99-inch screen on an S3 sized phone? (I would hope!)

    • Mike

      Because it makes no sense to have a Note 3 that’s smaller than a Note 2.

    • Telecommunications Alliance

      The S3 has a 4.8″ screen; Samsung managed to reduce the bezel on the sides and the thickness is identical to the S3 (7cm), but a bit taller now.

      If the S3; N4 fit in your pockets; the S4 will too.

      5.5″ is the outta-pocket size!!

      -I would love a 4.5″ in the size of an S2 (4.3″) but due to the price of the N4 I think I will simply buy an N4 from Google or Koodo.

    • Battery Size!!

      I wish OEMs would talk about BATTERY CAPACITY; the way they talk about 4/8/16 Cores and 4.7″ screens and up!

      I don’t need to carry my purse just to carry my phone.

    • Battery Size!!

      For those who care about this:

      “Samsung to keep the physical home button on the Galaxy S IV”

      Source: GSMARENA.

    • EddieWinslow

      The current S3 is 4.8 inches big, to up in size .19 inches I don’t see as a big deal.

      I am holding off judgement on all phones until I see real world battery usages results. That is my only quirk with my current galaxy s3

  • Mark

    Staahhppp releasing the same phones over and over.

  • Miguel

    I love my on-screen buttons. I just wish the screen was more of a 16:9 aspect (e.g.1980×1080) so that with the buttons in use, we could still have maybe 16:10 aspect for just the screen (e.g.1768×1080).

  • astro_man

    Don’t want/need a bigger phone. If you want one, get the note II. Good on samsung for keeping the button scheme like that. I like my hardware home button and the menu button. Makes much more sense than a ‘multitasking’ button, if you ask me!

  • Richard

    So Samsung made that famous ad bashing apple due to their lack of innovation in the iPhone 5….then they release the GS4 with almost no serious changes? What a joke

    • Craig

      It hasn’t even been released yet. Chill out, these are all rumours!

  • screamer

    I think it comes with curved glass that we saw on stage earlier this year. Than the size of the phone stays the same only around the edges…

  • Koala MeatPie

    I don’t know what people have against the physical home button and the two capacitive buttons on either side, I find those are the best features.

  • john

    Samsung is slowly turning into Apple, they just re-release products. I hope samsung has some innovation or i’m getting the moto x phone, sight unseen but i guarantee it will be better than the s4 if the samsung rumors are true.

    • mercclk10

      Based on all previous Flagship samsung phones please tell me how they have not innovated and copied its predecessor:
      Omnia II/Galaxy 1, Nexus S, Galaxy S, Galaxy SII, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Note, Galaxy SIII, Galaxy Note II….

  • Amanda

    Software buttons are a joke. Having to try and find in app menu buttons and back buttons is beyond stu pid when you can have a universal menu and back button built in.

    I used my friends iPhone the other day. I wanted to go back in the browser = Find menu button, then find tiny back arrow button, then find new button to exit (not minimize)… My GS3 I hit back button and then menu and exit.

    The second Samsung remove the hardware keys I’m out.

    • seroevo

      You’re confusing on screen nav buttons with all software buttons.

      With an Android phone with on screen buttons, you have the exact same nav buttons, in exactly the same place. They’re just on screen instead of physical. They don’t hide them or move them around the screen like your iPhone example.

      Use a phone like the Xperia or Nexus for a week, then go back and see if it doesn’t feel backwards. I just went through this, and the on-screen buttons (for Android anyway) are definitely better.

    • greendigs



    • Mobilee

      What if the part of the screen with all your buttons gets sticky candy or soda on it? The phone will do what it wants! Like dial a 1-900 s e x line and enter your credit card number and two weeks later you’ll get a phone bill with a charge of $648 on it.

      That’s what happened to me.

      On screen buttons are no good.

  • BB10BOOM

    lol i love how samsung, lg and htc have run out of ideas, all they can do is make the screen bigger. anything over 4.5 is a joke. BB10 F U all.

    • joe public

      Well Sammy has run out of ideas as apple hasn’t come up with something new to copy. It’s too funny watching the DROID sheep flock to a bigger screen and more processors like moths to a light bulb. Bahaha the next dumb thing from Sammy and joke-droid….

  • Luke Skywalker

    If it has a 3,300 mAh battery like the Moto Razr Maxx HD, I’ll buy it.

  • Shaggyskunk

    The physical home button takes away from the fluidity of the phone. I’ve got a N2, but I’ve activated the nav bar – it’s way better – in my opinion 😉
    As for the size – my skyrocket looks & feels like a child’s toy in comparison to the N2.

  • BIll Murray

    what are contactless gestures?

    • Bubble Snake!

      Hovering over the glass without making contact with it, but it still recognizes your finger and/or stylus there. Not touching screen, but can still swipe / input / hover, etc.

    • Sylar75

      Think of the folks running around mental institutions with fingers and arms flailing… There you go!

      Or if you want a kinder comparison, think Xbox Kinect.

  • trelarah

    I actually quite like the home button on my GSIII, more so then when I use my wife’s HTC One S or friends Nexus 4. To each their own, if you want all touch buttons get a Nexus/HTC/Motorola

  • John actual date on when we can go in store and actually buy it. Blah blah blah. I’m just repeating the nonsense that was spewed by the i***t who kept going on about how there was no date on when you could actually go in store to buy a BB10 phone when it was announced.

    • Eduardo

      Not that I am defending those people but there is a huge difference here… Samsung hasn’t been promising for two years a new phone/OS that will turn the company around

  • gfdeepak

    Who else was tugging on their sac hairs while they read this? Feels like bees stinging your b a l l s, amirite!

    I’d like a phone with no buttons. If they are so smart they should scan my eyes and know what I want it to do. Or guess. That would be neat. Wait, no… I do NOT want to goto an adult site…

    And that’s my story to my boss as to why I was browsing p o r n sites.

  • D

    hate the home button… it’s the only reason i didn’t buy the s3… capactive is ok, but physical home sucks

  • Deli

    I truly dig the home button. I can hack the on-screen buttons onto my note 2 but it takes up screen space I want for other things. And it’s a great device wake-up button.

  • coop3422

    Personally love a physical home button, I find it more comfortable for one handed use. One of the reasons I’ve had an s2 for nearly a year. My N4 is in the mail though, it’ll be something to adjust to that’s for sure.

  • Tomatoes11

    I love the physical home button, it’s a great alternative as a wake up button. Of course the swipe to wake up on BB10 is better but I am guessing Black Berry has a patent on that, so home button it is.

  • Gman

    similar design to s3? I don’t like that, and 1080p 5″ AMOLED? Does this mean its pentile again?

  • Josh


  • Patrick Kerby

    I tell u the truth. I have a DNA right now but as soon as that G4’s price is $99 I am on it and say bye bye to HTC!

  • awsguy

    I like tge hardware home button since the on screen button takes up screen real estate. Very annoying while playing games

  • Sylar75

    Pfff, motion gestures… Isn’t useful at all. Nor is it anything really new or revolutionary. Won’t be implemented right, won’t work right.

    Until an iPhone does it and an iSheep says so.

    • slanty eyed asian fellow who has rice on face

      You is correct. Why you iPhoners has no senses!

  • bing bong

    Samsung need to start making screenless phones.

    • slanty eyed asian fellow who has rice on face


  • slanty eyed asian fellow who has rice on face