Heins: “yesterday was the best day ever for the first day of a launch of a new BlackBerry smartphone”


  • Frenchie

    Even though he is trying to say things that would make his company look good, I still believe that BB10 launch was a great success. Congrats!

    • Nothin But RIM

      I activated mine yesterday as someone else was activating his and my friend just went in today and lucked out and got the last one of the ones they got in today.





    • Derpa

      Of course it was Heins, you fool. All the other garbage berries you launched failed to grab attraction, and after your company called the iPhone a “toy” in 2007, you copy the hardware design and use elements of iOS and Android in your own OS.

      I used the phone in store but sucks, I wouldn’t go with a half baked OS and no app support. Android or iOS for me.

      All BB apps are ported over android apps – LOL!

    • PCLO

      bought one, returned it. very confusing OS and maps suck.

      RIP RIM afterall.

    • Largon

      The camera is extremely low-quality by today’s smartphones’ standards… Lack of apps is very disappointing as well. Stick with your iPhones/Samsung Galaxy phones! Stay away from this crappy phone!

    • sp

      confusing OS? seriously??

      wow…you must have picked up a Windows phone instead.

      this OS is so damn easy to use. so straight forward.

      you didnt get one. stop lying

  • Marc

    who cares?!?! I really don’t see iPhone users dropping iPhone to go for Blackberry. Even so for S3 owners. This will work in Canada… not so sure south of the border (where it matters)

    • Tomato

      iPhone users are constantly being made fun of for actually paying to be butt-raped twice: once by Apple (Apple Tax), and then by the Big3 (mandatory 3-year contract at $50+/month).

      You have to be an id1ot these days to buy a iPhone. Seriously.

    • James

      Marc, you must be from the States with an attitude like that. Way to eliminate the rest of the world. Bear in mind that in the Middle East, Blackberry is still a popular phone, and the population of the Middle East far exceeds that of the United States, apparently “where it matters.”

    • hoo dat

      CIBC reported that 50% of the pre-orders for the Z10 came from smartphone users other than BlackBerry. I wonder what that means.

    • Randy

      I actually know someone who is selling their Iphone 5 out of frustration of it from everything from bad maps, dropped calls to bad wi-fi.

      They were going back to blackberry because of the keyboard & look of the phone after they tried it. plus they have kids so they were excited about the time camera trying to get pictures of their kids who often move around when she tries to take pics of them

    • Hilman

      Randy, if they are frustrated with the maps on the iPhone 5 then they will be in for a rude awakening with the Z10 as its maps app is utterly useless. As for the keyboard, how is it better than the numerous Android apps like Swiftkey? If those are two important features, they should really just get an Android phone and call it a day.

    • Tom

      @hillman: The flaws with Apple and BB Maps are different.

      Apple maps just plain give you the wrong info despite having many robust features.

      BB Maps are accurate but just limited in features. I think I’d rather have a map that tells me the true location of the store, than to have a map that lets me quickly access the store’s phone number and opening hours but shows it as being 10 km away from the true location.

      Personally, I stick with my $99 Garmin GPS which doesn’t need a constant data connection (a drive from Vancouver to Jasper has ZERO signal for half the trip), and more importantly, has an anti-glare screen so I can easily see it when driving in bright sunlight (I mount it on my windshield). I have played with online and offline maps/GPS apps on all kinds of phones, Nokia’s Ovi maps on WP being particularly impressive, but none of them can hold a candle to a Garmin GPS if you are using it for navigating while driving.

    • Hilman

      Tom, while that maybe true with Apple Maps, it surely isn’t with the Google maps app that is available on iOS. It is simply superior in every way making the BB10 maps offering quite useless.

  • yoda

    Got the phone and its awesome…….all the haters are missing out

  • angolacel

    70 percent of them is to resale overseas
    Including me. He he he 🙂

  • Derek

    SaskTel has them too. Sold a couple today. Not impressed to be honest. I’ll stick with my Nexus 4.

  • pedro

    Not very impressive, but enough to keep BlackBerry alive.

  • Bye iPhone

    Had a bunch of blackberrys from pearl to os 7 devices and all pretty garbage compared to iPhone so nov 2011 got iPhone 4S and this past oct got iPhone 5 and yesterday went to try out the z10 and got that… It’s amazing, I used to bash bb cuz they fell behind big time after iPhone 4 was released, they just got crushed but wow it’s so fast and nice and new… iPhone somewhat feels the same as 07 to be honest, it’s nice for something new, played with the windows phone and it was just hard to use lol and can’t stand android, hear too many bad things about their software and lets be real, iPhone 5 is fastest phone, even fanboy android sites will tell you that but this actually feels quicker in some things than my i5… I’m impressed and clearly will only get better as updates come

  • JimBob

    That cannot be good news. I cant remember headlines of huge sales for a blackberry launch. However I cannot wait for this phone to be launched by Wind. I really want pick one up.

    • hoo dat

      You a current sub of WIND’s? Then don’t get too excited, they’re only going to be selling the phone to new activations. Meaning you have to give up your current plan and be prepared to switch to post paid if you’re a pre paid customer. It also means you have to get the phone on a “Tab” whether you like it or not. I have two emails from WIND confirming this. Also, don’t be surprised if WIND’s the most expensive kid on the block for the phone whether for an off-contract purchase or a “tabbed” 3 year buy.

  • Isaac


    Sure iPhone users might not jump right away. But Apple really hasn’t done much in the area of innovation lately. The Apple Maps fiasco definitely made them vulnerable. So to say that they won’t immediately switch is something I’d agree with. But when that day comes where Apple ends up stagnant, BB will begin to look good in their eyes.


    • ile2010

      What fiasco? I have Google Maps on my iPhone. I’m not trying to bash BB10 here, but maps are the last thing you should bring up when trying to endorse BB10, as it clearly has the worst mapping/navigation solution among its peers at this moment.

      Android – Google Maps are great (if you have an active data connection)
      iOS – Apple maps may suck. I don’t really know since I use Google maps on my iPhone
      WP7/8 – Nokia Maps doesn’t have a polished web search like Google Maps, but it does have the best mapping source (Navteq) and better navigation (no need for a data connection)
      BB10 – It’ll get you there. Maybe (it hasn’t been widely tested yet). That’s not exactly competitive, is it?

      BB10 will not become an overnight sensation. It first needs to contend with WP8 before it can have any chance of dethroning iOS/Android. Neither of the dominant OSs became a success overnight. I hope that both BB10 and WP8 succeed enough to keep both around. Otherwise we’ll just have more of the same from Apple and Google.

  • Hilman

    I think he is trying to make the sales look better than they actually are.

    Selling more phones in a single day compared to the Torch or Pearl isn’t really a huge feat considering they barely sold any. I have heard some stores only had 1-3 units, of course they “sold out” in the first few days lol.

    • Trevor

      “first few days”
      What are you talking about, this is quite impressive as YESTERDAY WAS ITS FIRST DAY.

    • Tom

      The Pearl was released before the iPhone, and updated during a time when the iPhone was in its infancy, and most people still had feature phones. The Pearl basically offered a decent compromise between uber expensive smartphones (including the more traditional blackberries) and more affordable feature phones, so it sold very well by the standards of that era. Hell, back then kids in high school would be envious of friends who sported the Pearl (in the meantime I sported a monochrome Nokia!)

  • Bye iPhone

    Oh another thing… Amazing wifi on this… My i5 would get 2-3 Mbps when my laptop and old iPhone 4S would get 45-55mbps… Two updates later and still garbage wifi… The blackberry no issue what so ever in the same room. I’m happy I switched… Now who wants to buy a great iPhone 5 for koodo lol ?

  • hc

    Well, it is not all bout iPhone users. Moreover the iOS has not been visibly changing since the day 1, so not too many people are still impressed with it. In the meantime, Blackberry is not so restrictive and enslaving as iPhone, it does not require jailbreak (loss of warranty) for normal operation, great e-mail and calendar client, interesting and innovative design. It also works well for both business and entertainment, and IMHO it looks better than iPhone.

  • theinvisiblehand

    I think Blackberry did the right thing here and went for the long game. Marc is right in so far as most customers are not going to get rid of their Iphone 5 or S3 to get the Z10. However, there are a decent amount of folks who will jump ship from their earlier versions of both platforms, and many current Blackberry users who will make the upgrade to the Z10. However, I don’t think Blackberry expect to make awesome gains at this point. They want to make their product known. Many seems to forget that Blackberry has not debts and an decent amount of cash in their bank account. Any gains is good gains. The real fight will happen next year or so when they sync the release of the follow up to the Z10 to the new releases by Apple and Samsung. This is where we will see whether their bet paid off and if they are able to play the big game. Any serious analysis of whether they will pull it off or not is premature.

  • sp

    actually… i am going from my S3 to the Z10. so yeah it is happening.

    not gonna say its happening a lot but it is happening.

    im loving my Z10!!!

    • thatshipislonggone

      so you are “going” to z10 from s3 but u already love the z10 ?

      how much do u guys get these days for such comments.

      Z10 is the best device EVER !! So what if you can use your phone for navigation or listen to music or use skype. i have “gestures” !!!

    • sp

      sorry I dont get your comment?

      as i am typing this out, i have in front of me my S3 and my Z10 (i could take a picture of both of them for you if you like, but unfortunately cant post it)

      yes i am going from the S3 to the Z10 and i wish i was getting paid to endorse such things, but unfortunately im not lucky enough (thanks though for thinking i did, id love my job more if that was the case)

      Skype is coming.. so yeah you can do that. Listen to music is just fine as I was able to drag and drop files from my Playbook (videos/music) and put it in my Z10 (already better than the iPhone in that sense) so I dont get the whole listening to music comment you posted. Maps works…sorry its not Google Maps, but if you have done any research before commenting.. Google Maps works in the browser.

      So m00t arguments!!!

  • Dan S

    I have so many friends posting picture of Z10s on FaceBook and their BBM PIN. My co-worker went to 4 different Rogers store today looking for the phone. SOLD OUT. I got mine since i pre-ordered first day! 🙂

  • Herpdingle DerpBerry

    Hey Heins, how about you do something useful and ship me a box of Heinz ketchup to my house?

    ALL of these statements are USELESS. The ONLY reason why it was “the best Blackberry launch day ever in Canada” was because previous Blackberry launches did not have thorough pre-order systems.

    All this means is that the diehard Rimmer dingleberries pre-ordered the device and most of them got theirs yesterday.

    As others have pointed out this isn’t saying much as first-day sales for previous Blackberries were never that good to begin with.

  • screamer

    Oh man I checked again in store if I can find something good on that os but honestly I is the same then everything else the only thing is the apps. No Skype? ??? Bye bye! They will sell some phones but not 5 mio first month or so. Will see how the q10 does but I won’t get one. Somebody wrote went from a galaxy s3 to a z10 why not throwing money out of the window?

  • Gary

    Of course it’s best ever launch, the Z10 is the first real smartphone Blackberry ever have.

  • Apple Sales Guy

    Blackberry sold the same amount in one full launch day that Apple sold in the first 10 minutes of any iphone launch

    Well done Blackberry


  • gloith

    By 2015 Blackberry will annually sell more phones then Apple.

    Don’t cry Apple fanatics, by then you’ll be 18 and can make a big girl decision to choose a better device.

    • Alex

      I want what you smoke.

    • Hilman

      By 2015 Blackberry won’t even exist lol.

    • Hobbn

      He probably smok es the best there is seeing as he’s right. Maybe not 2015 but in the next 2 to 3 phone cycles Blackberry will outsell the iPhone.

      In fact, Apple stock will be $87 a share and their current market evaluation will be 12 billion by 2015. They will ask the government for a bailout but will be laug hed at and forced to go bankrupt.

      Technology has surpassed the iPhone. Music/movie third market suppliers are going to ki ll Apples profits.

      There will be nothing left for Apple to sell in 2-3 years time. Fact.

      Blackberry on the other hand have some exciting things in the pipeline for the future guaranteeing anything but future fai lure like Apple.

  • Johnny

    Hey “Apple Sales Guy”, are you another useless salesperson for apple that stands around looking smart telling people that the iphones have a ceramic housing?? ‘Oh apple sold more phones in 10 minutes than blackberry has in one day derp”…blackberry’s are class, iphones are swag, class is for men, swag is for boys. 😉

  • Jonah

    I want to love the Z10 and the base software and features are very cool. But the app situation is truly nasty. You can view the Blackberry App world on their site. Take a look. Their app situation is truly scary. I say this being a user of the Rogers Nokia Lumia 900. New BB is awesome for communicating, but little else.

  • FL

    I work a mobile sales store and I gotta say the z10 was kind of a big letdown. Only 6 people wanted to buy the z10.
    Funny thing is though, I already encountered a z10 that is stuck on download update screen. The customer and I spent nearly 30 minutes waiting for the phone to work itself out.

  • Sgt.Romanov

    BB OS ONX used by NASA , Nuclear power plants , car manufactures are also using it in new cars , this system is awsome and is better then any system out there and yes that includes iOS and Android , I will not be a sheep to iOS and Android now that I have a better choice to go to , I have enterd the BB world and couldnt be happier 🙂

  • Alex

    Well, duh.. it’s the first BlackBerry release. All the other phones were released by RIM.

  • thatshipislonggone

    BB , WP OS – lot of fans , very less real users.

    i wonder what all these morons here praising z10 will tell after BB releases they total numbers in 2 months.

    MSFT sold less than 700,000 surfaces last quarter and it was “sold out” everywhere 😛

    Some here find maps situation better in z10, that is crazy talk. iOS and Android has way too many apps that gives amazing navigation(Even in offline mode). And lets not forget google maps is still the best for navigation if you have data.

    Except for BBM there is absofuckinglutely nothing with BB now.

  • Sgt.Romanov

    I will never support a company (Apple) who uses the harsh working conditions on the people who build these phones in China just so they can profit from it , think about that iphone buyers , BB is canadian BB10 is a fantastic phone and is better the iOS and Android

    • Herpdingle DerpBerry

      You are the biggest derp sheep I’ve ever seen.

      Some Z10s are made in Canada, but MOST ARE MADE IN MEXICO! Far better to support an Asian country than those murderous psychopaths in Mexico!

  • nexus lover

    my koodo store only had 4 in stock. so first day sales will be roughly 20,000 units. give or take. don’t expect nexus 4 80,000 units in 30 minutes

  • pete

    Selling a total of 1 device per store isn’t a huge success LMAO LOL. Lots of retail stores only had 1-2 in stock, then turn around and say we sold out of all our stock in the first hour. To make it look like its a huge success. A fact stock shortage isn’t a huge success LMAO LOL. ee

  • pete

    Selling a total of 1 device per store isn’t a huge success LMAO LOL. Lots of retail stores only had 1-2 in stock,

  • pete

    then turn around and say we sold out of all our stock in the first hour. To make it look like its a huge success. A fact stock shortage isn’t a huge success

  • Dalex

    Release a phone with good battery life and I might pick it up. Z10’s battery sucks and that is a huge letdown. Also, I’m sure there are other things going on that aren’t blackberry related. No need for 10 bb stories in a row.

    • sp

      actually no… battery life doesnt suck at all.

      as of 11am today I took my Z10 off the charger at 100%. was on wifi all day, bbm, surfed the net, etc etc etc (usual day for a phone, cept for making phone calls) listened to music on the drive to work.

      as off 9:42pm, im at 67% on the battery. wont get home til probably 3-330. i wont even charge the thing til tomorrow to see when it dies.

      so far battery has been great.

  • pete

    then turn around and say we sold out of all our st@ck in the first hour. To make it look like its a huge success. A f@ct st@ck shortage isn’t a huge success

  • BBUserAgain

    Stopped using my Note 2 and switched to the Z10. Amazing so far. Love the interface even though it takes some getting used to.

    Looking forward to watching the app store develop as it’s kind of sad right now but I have faith in them.

  • Shadyguy

    Wow there is evidence of users even on mobilesyrup of users moving from the high end androids to the z10 and this is very much so fandroid Site. Looking forward to picking one up tomorrow.

  • Jimmy.D

    To the people who say were missing out, we are in fact not, people who own blackberries don’t know what there missing out on. The other way around. Lol so funny..

  • some guy

    Still wondering why there are so many bugs with the OS after such huge delays.

    Calendar boots you out if you try to add an event.
    Failure to link BBID to device.
    BBM not working.
    Sync options failing.
    BB Link not transferring info to from old device to Z10.

    My personal fav though… Why the f**k is there no syncing with Outlook support with BB Link????????????????
    Not like many people use that on their old BB’s. Absolutely ludicrous that they didn’t add this functionality.

  • sp

    battery is still not dead… its 1:30pm and the damn battery wont die!! still at 19%!!! wifi and playing a movie as we speak to try and kill it.

    positive notes!!!!!
    1. i was able to get Google Maps app for the Z10!!!!!!!!
    2. Whatsapp as well… have to pop my SIM in to activate it

    loving the Z10

  • foneguy

    Well I did it. I ordered a Z10. No, i don’t get the big discount, I am paying north of 300.00 for it. Why? Because my POS iphone 4s had a battery problem at 15 months, and apple told me to pound sand. So I told them to pound sand, and after playing with a demo phone ordered one from my carrier, which is offering me a deal if I resign my 3 year term half way through it.
    My criteria for a phone now is 1) the battery must be user replacable, and 2) it needs removable memory. Yes I know Sammy has that with the S3, but I don’t want a girly phone with a huge screen that needs a purse to be carried in. The Z10 is from what I can see perfect, and as far as apps go, Tunein Radio and Wisepilot is all I really need.