Penultimate for iPad goes free, Evernote Hello for iPhone updated to version 2.0


  • Cheburr

    People still overpay for Apple technology?
    It’s 2013. I would have expected everyone to wake up by now.
    I guess not.

    • R-tards

      Hardly overpaying when it blows by the competition

    • John

      what competition? I don’t consider android tablets running stretched phone apps, competition.

    • Alex

      You need to get a life cheburr (troll)!

  • Shayne

    The constant flame wars are really annoying. Go buy whatever tablet you want, I won’t hate you for it. Would be nice to just hear comments about Penultimate in a Penultimate article. I downloaded it and it looks pretty good especially now that it’s integrated right into Evernote. I’m curious what Stylus they are using in the screenshot above.

  • Scott

    Like Shayne, I would also like to know what stylus that is. The one I have is OKAY, but not great.

    If you don’t like Apple, don’t buy there stuff! I am NOT an apple fan, BUT I do have an iPhone and an iPad (Phone cause I wanted it, and iPad only because it was a gift). I would never buy an iPad. I almost never use it. I would rather grab my Windows 7 Laptop. Takes a few seconds longer to load up, but the iPad is just annoying (especially the lack of a “del” key and no flash support!

    • Alex

      It looks like the Adjonit line of stylus.

  • Chris Pakenham

    The stylus looks like the Adonit Jot. I have one and love it. It has a small clear disc on the end of the tip that pivots and is very nice to write with.