Tim Hortons, Air Canada, MLSE and others set to release BlackBerry 10 apps


  • Lewis

    need netflix

    • sp

      Canadian Netflix sucks. don’t really need it


      so many people trying to support rim but they will not make it you will see!!


      the specification for bb10 is too old 8mp camera ???? every one will release a smart phone in 2013 has 13mp camera


      thumb down why? is this a troll as well???

    • Shamen Rabzi

      My local futureshop has over 7600 pre-orders for BB10 devices. Also, my friend who works at wireless wave said that people keep coming by, by the hundreds (if not thousands) asking about BB10.

      This is going to be a huge launch, probably 5-10 million opening day.

    • Angelo

      I live in toronto and everyone is excited about it. I overheard executives on bay st talking about ordering lots for their companies. I pre-ordered 2 for myself, but should have ordered more! Hopefully they dont sell out first day!

    • LOL



      RIP RIM

  • Senor Chang

    No Blue Jays?

    • Thomas

      The Blue Jays aren’t MLSE

    • Senor Chang

      Who cares about MLSE now, MLSE is irrelevant. The leafs and raptors are now owned by Rogers and Bell. The Blue Jays are owned by Rogers. You mean to tell me Rogers cant make a Blue Jays app?? Please.

  • Brayden

    Is this Android Key Lime Pie?

  • Yeria

    So Air Canada has no Android app but will be building a BB 10 app? Well, it makes sense, because Air Canada is known to do stupid stuff.

    • skullan

      Think about it. Blackberries are known for their Enterprise/Business clients. They tend to fly.

    • Joe public

      Why would they make an app for a market that wouldn’t use it…. Android users only can afford “free” so flying is out of the question.

  • Abe

    So Air Canada just doesn’t want to make an Android app then?

    • Martin

      Yeah, lets ignore over half of the market and focus on this shrinking part instead.

  • Joe Jim Bob the third

    Some Airlines are concerned about security. So no android App.

    • Mobilesyrup addict

      Allright that’s really funny even if I don’t agree 🙂

  • KidRobot

    Security doesn’t seem to have been a hurdle for every other major airline’s android app including their Star Alliance partner United.

  • Abe

    Yeah every other major airlines in the world have android apps so what’s the problem Air Canada?

  • bummy

    Is that NFC payment with tim hortons??
    That’s exciting!

  • watch out

    air Canada is a privately owned company ran by sadistic Jewish imposters. the money is used to kill innocent children in the middle east.

  • busted

    Better preorder lots of phones from a company with a solid financial background that doesn’t make products that don’t succeed. Sounds like a good investment to me. Seems like the foolish investing in the foolish.

  • merv

    If RIM does not get Netflix and Skype upon launch of BB10, they havent been doing real research. These two apps are used by millions if not billions of people. I know a lot of people that didn’t buy the PlayBook because of the same reason. Just my opinion.

  • EraqEE

    I use the weather network app on my Android so I’m glad they’ll be releasing a Blackberry version.

    Skype is another must, of course!!

  • sandman

    Skype is old hat now….. BB10 is getting FaceFlow.

  • shadyguy

    Wow – NFC payments at Tims – nice!

  • Rico

    I cant seem to think up a convincing & witty comment to try to create a sense of imaginary excitement.

    This has not been a paid advertisement of RIM. So go ahead and feel free to give this a thumbs down.

  • Johentie

    what’s the point of having a 13mp camera if ur just going to be using it for your phone and uploading them to social media ?? even if u have the ability to print them the resolution is 72 from a phone camera..

    unless i am mistaken.. i know a lot of people give photography companies phone camera pics to englarge and print on canvas and they can’t cause the resolution is 72.. this is different then the screen resolution etc..