Telus HTC One X upgrade to Jelly Bean now available


  • borghead

    So where’s the Jelly Bean updates for the Samsung Galaxy S II X that Telus promsied for “Late December”?

  • Alex

    One phone at a time.. this upgrade process is just a big mess.

  • Jason

    Downloading it now…..will let you know how it is running after it is installed.

  • EvanKr

    If there’s ONE thing that I like about Apple, it’s manufacturer controlled updates with no carrier roadblocks. Some of these updates are taking too long, this should’ve been here a month ago.

  • John z

    & here we are waiting for Rogers to release the update for the HTC One X with Rogers.. I wonder if really Rogers does care about updates. hmm

    • John z

      I am also talking about the 4.1.2 NOT 4.1.1 that was just released. That took a while as well.

    • Adam

      Rogers already updated the One X

    • Eluder

      @John z, where have you been? Rogers released the JB update for the One X early January.

  • Sim

    what about the Telus HTC One S??

    • Ryan

      The One S with TELUS is undergoing testing as according to their updated Update Release document; if they keep the same schedule as Rogers did, it will be released tomorrow, but there’s no guarantees with that…

  • Mike


  • Rick

    Downloading now!! Finally.

  • Frank Mazza

    Do people actually wait for OEM update?

    Why bother waiting? I’ll never understand this.
    Take 10 minutes of your time and enjoy custom roms

  • Tal

    I dont even have the update from last week for my note2. did anyone start getting that one?

    • some guy

      Hook it up to Kies on a PC.
      OTA is released in blocks of IMEI, Kies just downloads the update from a server.

  • Turge

    Change of plans.. all I need is the filename of the update.

    Once you download the update, and before rebooting, please check the /cache folder and post the filename or a screenshot to the filename.

    For anyone who has already updated, the OTA file may still be in /cache if you can look it up and also post the full filename?

    It would be much appreciated.

  • Scrichards

    Is it any good? I am currently running AOKP and have had JB for a while when I was using CM 10, they are both very stable and way faster and less bloatware than HTC software.

  • Steve


    Ugh, HTC better make the next Nexus, cuz waiting for sw updates blows donkey balls!

    • Steve

      OK, have the update now, it was super slow to dload. sw runs nice and smooth, better than before, new camera functionality… one thing that seems to be broken is the full sized page widget for Yahoo finance… USB storage still works though

    • Steve

      Battery life “seems” to last a bit longer than before, using the new power saver program. Will try without to see if it is a JB or a program benefit.

  • kenypowa

    630 mb for Jellybean? CM10+Gapps is about 230mb.

    Just shows how much bloat HTC, Samsung and LG adds to their skins.

    • some guy

      Wait… carriers/manufacturers add bloatware???

  • Jamma3

    Hope this doesn’t wifi issues like the Rogers Jelly Bean update.
    Good Luck folks.

  • iPhoneAndroid

    following that upgrade to Jellybean – you guys better check your battery life. You’re going to see quite the drastic drop, especially when the phone is idle.

    The stock Jellybean kernel used here is a huge hog on battery.

    • Steve

      There’s a new power saver program that runs in the background (ironically probably using battery life) I’m going to monitor how efficient it is on vs off.

  • Pewpew

    Can anyone who’s updated check to see if HotSpot is working properly?
    I updated my Rogers one and it seems to have broken my HotSopt. My other devices says that it’s connected, but it can’t go on.
    Anyone else have this problem or confirm it?
    I have no issues with wifi.

  • Kevin

    still waiting for One S with Wind Mobile~~ sigh~

  • B-Mac

    I bought my One X from Rogers and unlocked it for Telus network before telus had the One X, got the jelly bean update like 2 weeks ago already.

  • silence.alert

    I just got it, and I have to say, meh. I do like the ability to hold on an empty spot on the screen, and then have the option to add any widget. I’m surprised that Chrome was part of the update. I’m using it now, and I don’t like it (it feels too sluggish). They changed some of the icon colours, which makes the overall screen image seem washed out. I probably need a few days to make a final opinion, but I recommend holding off updating.

  • Android fan

    Just upgraded and its working great

  • Mike

    So far so good. A much improved battery life. Really smooth, fast, no jitters. Overall a great FW update.

  • Manny

    I am sort of scared that this update will give me wifi issues (what happened with many Rogers htc one x’s) I’m not sure if I should download or stay with ics

  • Telme

    Installed JB on Telus HTC One X. Wifi connects to source OK but will not allow me to go online. Data works fine. At this point I’m not happy, as this is a work phone and I spend a lot of time on line with it. Can imagine my data cost is going to sky rocket! Telus want’s $38. to send it away for fixing WTF!

  • Jason

    I installed JB and it is working great for me. My battery life has excelled. On ICS by noon with regular use my battery was down to roughly 50% now on JB it is only at 73-78% by noon. No Wi-Fi issues with me. The only issues is that I haven’t been able to use HTC Sync but that is no biggie. I can’t wait to really delve into Google Now.