TELUS’ website says Samsung Galaxy Note II upgrade to Jelly Bean (OS 4.1.2) is now available… anyone get it yet?


  • caseyjayfodor

    Negative on the upgrade. I will be checking every minute, on-the-minute, until I have two apps running side-by-side on my Telus G-Note 2.

  • JmCourir

    Hi! I have Bell 4.1.1 SGH-I317M … no update yet here…

  • Kid.Canada

    I’m still waiting for it on my S3. Hurry the eff up Rogers!!

    • Pessimist

      Don’t hold your breath.

  • MS

    No Update Here
    Have the Telus Note 2

  • Kiko

    You guys might need to use Kies. I find its always faster to use Kies then OTA.

  • Desi

    No update yet, on telus note 2

  • yuzhu


  • Ron Mexico

    4.1.2? Why don’t they just release gingerbread for it if they want to release an ‘update’ that is already months out of date?

    F-U Samsung!

    • Ron Mexico

      To quote Brick Tamland “you’re not Ron!”

  • emc

    Just checked Kies. Not available yet.

  • Gizhola

    None yet here either on Telus Note 2.

  • awsguy

    Nope. No update yet on telus note 2

  • Vengefulspirit99

    telus lying? inconceivable!

  • amanda

    Where is the note 1 upgrade? F u c k ing useless.

  • Ron Mexico

    Imitation is the most sincere firm of flattery. Thanks For wanting to be me 😉

    • Huawei4Real


  • Dan

    OK, now update the One S!

  • Tal

    Nothing yet!

  • Comment Master

    Where is my HTC ONE S update 40 year old “Virgin” !!!!!!

  • Dan

    International note 2 ftw! This update is about 3 updates behind the International model. We’ve had multi window for months. Enjoy 🙂

  • ily

    How about the Note 1, bloody hell!!! I got my note 1 in March last year, and 7 months … Boom the sequel Note 2! That made me really hate samsung

  • LJK

    nothing yet.

    • LJK

      Monday morning. Nothing yet. Crossing my fingers for the update to be released by tonight.

  • George Hammond

    Where is the update for the telus HTC one x !


    Just updated mine!! thank you Telus!!

    Just kidding still waiting :p

  • m00rb

    Telus is not mentioning that the update adds the one major advertised feature of this phone. Outstanding work Telus.

    It says features of this update:

    – Security Patch

    That is all. LOL.

    Multi-Window can’t come soon enough for me.

  • Canucks4Life

    Any chance for SGS2X while they’re at it???

  • GLO

    Still no update? Wtf is going on here!

  • Bskin

    Bell-Still no update.

  • freshwater

    does this update come with photo sphere camera function?

  • TEP

    No updates yet! Note 2 / Ottawa Canada. I think this is bs!

  • Mediartist

    No updates available in Quebec city also. Still waiting.

  • billy c

    Nothing as of yet

  • Sam

    Nothing yet wtf why would they advertise it as ready if no one has even been able to get it yet

  • sai

    i have rogers galaxy note2, just checked , no firmware update yet, probably 12am tonight and sunday night time , or monday morning

    so keep checking everytime for your carrier

  • S_Hanson

    I upgraded a customer’s Note II for a customer that came in yesterday.

    • Alexandru


      How did you update it?
      I checked every few hours on my OTA and Kies and nothing comes down as an update.
      Please clarify?


  • TEP

    This may be just Exynos chipset exploit only from telus. Cos that`s what it says on their web site… If that`s the case, can we just download a version and updated it from the web..I am just wondering…

  • laila

    still no update – Fido! Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 2 …

  • GLO

    LOL This release is a Shit show just like the release of the actual phone. I don’t get why telus would announce this on Friday and we will probably get the update tonight or tomorrow when all the other carriers get theirs. BUT not getting too upset this is still a hell of bad phone…. Just want to rock out on multi view


    @alexandru most likely the update hasn’t been released to you (Like most if not all telus users) I talked to Telus and they said it was Samsung who is holding up the release. It will be available tomorrow probably like most of the other carriers.

    Just keep on doing what you are doing and when it is actually available you will see it.

  • Alexandru

    Hi All,

    I can confirm that as of today Sunday, 20 Jan 2013, 04:44 pm MT there is no update whatsoever. I am with Telus.

    All the best,

  • Scott

    Does 4.1.2 automatically mean multi Window? If this is just the exploit patch and they call it 4.1.2 I will be unlocking this thing immediately and putting it on myself…

    • Alexandru

      Hi Scott,

      Nobody really knows…
      In fact other than fixing the Exynos bug there should be some of the new features introduced by Samsung (we hope…) but it is also an upgrade of the Android OS at JB 4.1.2.

      All the best,

  • sai

    Rogers galaxy note2, have no 4.1.2 update yet,

    as of sunday jan 20 2013 08:38pm


    @scott yeah this will have multi Window as well as a patch for the exploit



    “We’ve got a treat for GALAXY Note II owners. The Jelly Bean update (Android 4.1.2) with Multi Window that everyone’s been waiting for is almost here.”

    Tomorrow is when they peg it to be availible

  • John

    Soul Glo, where do you see that the update is pegged to be available Monday?

    • SOUL GLO

      I messaged Telus on the weekend. They said it was Samsungs fault the release is taking a bit to become available and they assume everything will be cleared up for today. However, I just checked and still no update so I may be wrong lol

  • Scott

    I wouldn’t worry about not being able to root after, someone will figure that out. Looking forward to this update.

  • sai

    monday morning , i didnt get the update for 4.1.2

    rogers galaxy note2

  • Scott

    I did not get it either.. Telus, I will drop the cost of your phone by $150.00 after you buy it and laugh when you call, mobility. 🙂 let today be the day…

  • Jo JO

    give me the update b4 u loose me!

  • Alexandru

    Hi All,

    I can confirm that as of today Monday, 21 Jan 2013, 08:27 am MT there is no update whatsoever. I am with Telus.

    All the best,

  • tep

    No one cares about consumers! Especially the Canadian consumers! We get it the last! If you call samsung: they have no clue what we are talking about. If you call telus they don’t know either! Except we the Canadian counsumers get screwed royally! This is messed up! No update here/ottawa Canada!

  • Dave

    Nothing for my shiney GN2 this AM. Loyal client since 2005
    It is said, “Patience is a virtue” — Telus continues to test the patience of their clients as usual.
    Forced to wait again like I did on my HTC Amaze 4G. Other progressive carriers looking more attractive by the minute!

  • Geoff

    Hey Dave. What other progressive carriers have the update?

  • Joe public

    Don’t worry the note 3 is coming out in may-june and it will have key lime pie.

    Mc Donalds is advertising galaxy Note3 as the new happy meal toy for spring 2013

    Android is crap always ripping off the consumers with vapor os updates promise or coming out with a new model upgrade every 4 to 5 months.

  • Scott

    You honestly think the note three will be out with KLP by June your insane! Good luck you all your dreams!

  • Scott

    Maybe the update was just a security update, but at the last moment decided to add the regular update with multi Window and push them out at the same time. Wait… I don’t care, give me my update 🙂

  • Eric

    My samsung rep at work says its not due until a few weeks, the roll out is still happening.


    Another day with the relase of multiview…. Has anyone on Telus actually been able to download this update? I find it totally irresponsable to tout that you are the one to release 4.1.2 and put a disclaimer that it is being relased in stages (yet it seems no one has this upgrade yet). This is almost as bad as the relase date being OCT 30 yet not one note 2 was availible until over a week later.

  • shitOnTelus

    Telus just wants more attention thats all. It will be released when rogers and bell releases it may be later than that lol. Good luck to you all!

  • Brad

    Still no update on my Note II with Telus… the inevitable delays continue. I won’t be holding my breath.


    Well I sent Telus an angry message and here is the response I got.

    “We understand your frustration. We wish we had an explanation for you. Stay tuned, it should arrive soon”

    soon has been over a week so far…. In other news the international S2 is getting the 4.1.2 update …. Unbelievable

    • LJK

      “We understand your frustration.” It’s like as if they like seeing us rage. They should also stop using the word ‘soon’ so lightly. Anyways, I wish they would at least update us on why it’s taking so long.

  • Dude

    Anyone get it yet? Not I…


    And last but not least here is Samsung response
    We know how frustrating it is for you and other GALAXY users. We hope we can hurry things up for everyone

    so again no real time line for release and no mention of why Telus has it as being released on their website.

  • tep

    Samsung Canada only has fake beans for us Canadians! I can’t believe I bought a galaxy note 2!

  • Kale

    Friday is approaching fast and still no update. I’m not really mad it is taking so long but it was frustrating to get so hyped up and then have to wait forever.

  • Jayson

    No update yet for my Telus Note 2

  • Scott

    Early February now..

  • Raverdash

    Links or I call BS

  • @gilbertgk

    I have the unlocked version of the Note 2 and I still did not get the update.

  • Trishia

    Wednesday, it’s gonna be Wednesday!!

  • TEP

    I will believe it when I get the software update! 🙂

  • Kale

    Received the update at 5 am today.

  • SingCheong Chen

    Telus Canada customer. Received the update notification about 5 am EST today. Updated to 4.1.2 without issue