Promo materials for the BlackBerry Z10 show up online, plus a quick video demo of BBM Video


  • JV


    • TWO__SEA

      RIP RIM!! 😀 😀

    • Nothin But RIM

      Two_Sea… soon you’ll be able to trade up on your BB 9360. you should be excited!

    • Nothin But RIM

      Oops I meant 9630.

    • 201

      Looks like Syrup just got a “January Bonus” from RIM’s PR!
      Nothing wrong with that, they have to eat too.

      I am fine with my phone right now. Just updated my phone over the holidays and got it on a 2 yr contract. I bet a lot of people would be in my situation..all over the world or worse: 3yr contract ( because in Canada they are not illegal) so even if people wanted to switch they can’t.

      This last wave of RIM is funny: they are releasing BB10 in three weeks and are incapable of releasing a FIRM DATE?? if the phone were coming next month they would say so!

      Expect BB10 phones at stores in Mid March, after Lunar years in India and China and St Valentines and maybe even Spring Break. RIM still has many opportunities to lose phones, those guys are amazing!

    • hoo dat

      Let me ask you this, 201; when Samsung launched the Note2 did they anounce a release date before the launch? How about with the S3? I also have the same question about the iPhone5 or 4S? You see, I can’t recall any major launch where they announced a release date before the launch and seeing as you seem to be so well versed in such matters, I was wondering if you could recall.

      I won’t be holding my breath.


      RIP RIM!!!! 🙂

  • Envor

    Finally after 7 years, they adapt to the market.

  • nathaniel james

    I’d rather tango, skype or oovoo. Better quality and featues

    • Nothin But RIM

      It’s looking like skype will be there at launch. So you should have no complaints but we’ll see.

    • Johentie

      PUAHAHA u must be joking right?? i have a nexus 4 and skype is just a joke! Tango is joke sometimes… and oovoo is alright..

      do u even know the specs of the front camera ? the quality is going to be crystal clear!

      and oovoo is coming to BB10, which is the only one worth using on other platforms!

      and u cannot screen share on the other apps btw!

  • Jamma

    Two years too late

  • skullan

    MS can’t implement authenticated comments fast enough.

    • Dan

      I’m on board with your thinking! So much inane posting in each of these topics. Time to cull the herd – out with the i****s!

  • John

    Lets get this out of the way:


    IS THIS BB10?


    Ohhhhh Sammy My Sammy.

    There, now we can be civil.

  • sp

    the trolls are up early this morning….sheesh

    • RIM4LIFE

      since there all living in there moms basements with no jobs there not allowed to sleep in.

  • lol

    looks like an iphone at first glance, I hope they have lawyers ready

    • John z

      How does that it look like a iPhone t first glance? iPhone my friend has a cyrcle home button. This does not. The front o the iPhone has the same old s**t look since 2007… I guess you guys are stuck with that look & see it everywhere.

  • Joe Jim Bob the third

    The trolls aren’t up early. They are paid shills using programs to determine when RIM stories are being posted and acting accordingly.

    • hoo dat

      LMAO! Conspiratorists are up early this morning I see!

  • some guy



    We are ever getting closer to a world with one OS on but 2 phones….Android and HTC or Samsung….just stating the obvious.

    • Nothin But RIM

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA WOW… I don’t think i’ve ever seen a more wrong comment. I give the “RIP RIM” people more credit then you. At least your comment was a full sentence at least.

  • hoo dat

    These are not ad images. They might well be test shots but the quality of them wouldn’t pass muster for actual advertising. The composition, models and settings are far too “casual” for that. They’re also quite old as the icons shown bear no resemblance to the ones that will actually be used at launch. Also, the photoshopping is pretty bad, if you have access to more of this collection, check out the woman sitting against the tree. That phone was never in the original shot, very poorly done. These have to be mock ups for internal use only and don’t seem to have any relationship with RIM’s advertising motif at all.

  • LW81

    How will BB10 differentiate itself? judging from the typography on the ads all phones will have label printing capabilities. I’M SOLD!

    • 201

      Differenciate?? Easy:
      They are the latest ecosystem (as in LATE)to the party
      The only phone with those specs selling over $600
      The phones with the Lowest re-selling value
      The only phones with keyboards in 2013 and ergo smallest screens.
      The only Canadian phones out there.

  • Sweet

    BB Fanboy:
    1. buys latest & greatest BB phone
    2. gets on with their life

    iPhone Fanboy:
    1. buys latest & greatest iPhone
    2. tells their friends about it
    3. gets on with their life

    Android Fanboy:
    1. buys latest & greatest Android phone
    2. scours the Internet for articles and discussions about non-Android platforms and posts comments trashing said platforms with ridiculously stupid and inaccurate comments, rarely saying anything about Android, and when they do, they simply say “it’s better” (probably because they’re so tech ignorant.) Get a life losers.

  • OMG BASEDGOD #taskforce #tybg

    I do like the look of the Z10 save for the huge “Blackberry” bar on the below the screen. Hope BB 10 is something good being brought to the table.

  • Alexandru

    Hi Guys,

    Why so many negative comments about BB10?
    It is a nice device and great hardware.
    It is a great developer platform also.

    Why not support and encourage one of our own Canadian companies to survive as long they did the right thing and it seems they are coming back strong.
    When people will use these new BB10 devices will realize their potential and most likely be happy with them.
    That’s the ultimate test, not poor comments as we see here in this forum.

    All the best,

  • Joe public

    DROID-tards rant negatively on everything that isn’t android, reason being they know android only has the market share it has by default as option B is apple and android gives away free phones..

    RIP Android Mc Donalds new happy meal toy for 2013
    For every happy bought you get two free galaxy S4 in every meal.

    • BB10 FTW

      I got a free Android phone with my happy meal… I threw it in the trash with the rest of the garbage.

  • Piff

    I have to admit I am surprised to see all the BBM spam.

  • G -man

    Android – managed to screw up Linux (didn’t think it was possible ).
    Apple – managed to screw up Apple (saw that one coming ).
    BlackBerry – getting it right…before your eyes!