BlackBerry Curve 9320 now available at Bell


  • Ka-ra-te Master, the Fifth Dan

    Wow $200 for this pos when bb10 is allegedly weeks away? I feel sorry for the uneducated sap who will buy this.

    wtf rim, the 9900 should be $200. Shameless price gouging against your customers is no way no win back market share.


    • Nothin But RIM

      Do you blame Nike for the cost of shoes at Sportchek or Footlocker too? RIM sells the phones to the carrier and the carrier sets the price. Why is this so hard to understand?

    • REDRUM

      This phone was released in May LAST YEAR, and they still charge $200 for it WTF

    • Tushiunderamanamupara Jones

      Just when you think Rim is on the verge of death and the priest has arrived to read last rites, they come springing back to life like my man organ after seeing a naked cheerleader bending over, and surprise everyone like a plop of liquid bird poop from an albatross suffering from Montezuma’s revenge. Rim is back!!!!!

      Go rim go!!

    • 201

      The RIM PR must be giving “Syrup” a good money these days:
      CES is in full swing and we keep on getting articles about:

      Its coming, its coming its coming…..
      and Blackberries 1-2 years olde..

      In response to the price of the 9900, they are trading for $180-200 BNIB at your local Kijiji or Craigslist.
      The Virgin prepaid 9320 sells for under $98 at Walmart.



    • Ka-ra-te Master, the Fifth Dan

      rim doesnt set the prices? are you high on crack?
      hahaha, that’s the stupidest thing ive heard all day. now get back into the forest you beastly animal.

  • lolwat

    its not RIM thats charging $200, its bell.

  • hebdo27

    WOW 2.44 inch screen and 3.2 MP camera!!! Way to give Samsung a run for their money!

    Why show how irrelevant you have become just before your big release of BB10!?!?!

  • ace

    Boom???? after the gs3 came out and LG said 2gigs of ram… thats boom! when apple says 7 inch tablet is too small, but then come out with one due to pressure from android… BOOM. When android activates 4:1 ratio per quarter compared to the iphone. BOOOOOOM!

    avid android fan…. typing on a mac pro HAHA

  • Sgt.Romanov

    If BB10 is $500 or less , im in , if its more , sorry im out .

    • 201

      BB10 phones will be in stores by mid MARCH; by that time the N4 will be more or less available (three more shipments by then and the second production line kicks in next week)

      -If the BB10-touch phone is one penny over the price of the N4 I will ignore it.

      -If the BB10 phone is $50 under I will consider it (have to switch everything to BB servers and will loose access to custom ROMS and loose HUGE re-selling value; not to mention that switching ecosystems for a a lot of people is like switching from PC to MAC.

      -Looks like RIM never put attention to all the RIM customers that are now Android….Too late RIM.

  • Al

    Worth about $50. Best charge $200 to be safe!

  • Khav

    “free on a 3-year contract, or $199.95 outright”

    Out of all the 3-year contract subsidies I’ve seen, this is almost certainly the worst.

    • Porilaisten

      But your device balance wouldn’t be that much, compared to say an iphone. which has like a $500 balance.

  • some guy

    Woo… hoo?

  • Miknitro

    Should be,
    $50 credit on a year or,
    $75 to $100 outright at most.
    or bulldoze them in a pit

    • skullan

      Why? They still would beat a feature phone hands down for functionality and still have decent battery life compared to other smartphones.

  • John

    Bell should feel bad about this.

  • TKG26

    Thing should be free on 3year contract and my contract should be half price for having to carry such an outdated device..

  • Brad F(anboy)

    This is a cheap BlackBerry and should be treated as such.

  • Fandroid


  • Vengefulspirit99

    pushing the mobile frontier with this bad boy eh rim?

  • pmc

    I can’t wait to see all the whining about the cost of the BB10….lol

  • skullan

    This would likely be a step up from my 9300, but, not worth more than $80 to me.

  • screamer

    It really is a nice phone and when free on a two year contract it should be around 20 $ a month unlimited text and talk and I will buy it for my son. We should only pay the phone off in a contract and thay the make money 10 $ extra

  • Bubble Snake!

    Look at that thing! It’s so cute! Would make a nice toy for my toddler!

  • Ka-ra-te Master, the Fifth Dan

    hey commo stace, you filipina got the bee bee emm?