Microsoft to end support for Windows Messenger in March


  • Simian

    I work for a company that provides compliance archiving and this is going to be a HUUUUUGE headache.

    • Twosee

      RIP MSN!!!!! RIP RIM!!!!! 😀 😀

  • Jimmy

    -tear- good times. R.I.P MSN

    • Porilaisten

      The end of an era. :'(

  • pigpig

    Skype is so resource hogging though…

  • Matt

    Most of my contacts have given up Windows Messenger in favour of Facebook. I will always remember my cool display name with a bunch of emoticons of bats or adding my friends with the emails sxe_italiano_babbee_43

  • Jeff Goebel

    I think this is huge. Quitting one of the most popular IM tools will be hard for many. Skype is SO different. I wonder how this will effect people who have MSN contacts, but use tools like Trillion or Pidgen.

  • JHK

    Great and bad memories with MSN…
    Chatting up until 2 am in the morning with the crush while parents are sleeping…
    Some cyber fap time were good as well.
    All in the past now…

  • dam n it


    Miss talking to people on MSN. There wasn’t ‘like’ notifications and constant pictures of friends stupid food pics and useless statuses like on Facebook.

  • David

    just go to gtalk 🙂

    • ToniCipriani

      That’s what I’ve been doing, actually using it more than MSN since most of my friends use Android, and I can have both MSN and GTalk up on Pidgin. I stopped trying to get it working on my phone, the Jabber transports keep going down. Only issue is for my sisters who uses iPhone, THEY couldn’t get GTalk and made me get WhatsApp (webOS homebrew FTW).

      I do have a few other people I know who only use MSN still though…

  • skazzers

    Most of my friends have moved on to Gtalk now so I guess it makes sense for them to get rid of it finally.

  • Blas

    Oh man, the good ol’ days.
    Late night chats, thinking of funny of clever Screen Names, the chime when your crush sends you a message.
    Being a teenager was interesting.

  • Osama

    lol @ these posts! i met so many girls off msn, and web caming them, until it got flooded with bots, that wouldnt answer your questions 🙁

  • coop3422

    Oh MSN Messenger, how you will be missed. That said, it’s been about 2 years since I’ve used it.

    RIP MSN! You were fantastic for the 12-13 years or so I used you. I remember sneeking around to install it on the computers back in high school, we all did haha. Good times!

  • abc123

    +1 for GTalk and Google+ Hangouts is pretty good for video conferencing too.

    Best thing is, it’s on by default on an Android device so don’t have to explicitly launch an resource and battery sucking app like skype.

    Goodbye skype.

  • ShadowFist23

    If this means that we finally get a Skype Chat app for Blackberry, then I’m okay with this.

    ACtually I’m ok with it anyway since it doesn’t affect my life in any way.

  • Porilaisten

    MSN/WLM 1995 – 2013 RIP


  • Old Internet

    I miss the anonymity of the internet. You could chat to people on MSN all over the world that you’ve met on chat sites without them knowing your full name, where you live, who your friends are, every word you say, etc. The internet has become far more intrusive today than ever.

  • boib

    Time to move to open standards such as XMPP (protocol supported, among others, by Google Talk and partially by Facebook)

  • DrBadass


  • GlassBackBadIdea

    The hell with MSN Messnger and the hell with Microsoft and their stupid tiles.

  • Cell Hell

    This is a service I use and I do not want to go away. 🙁

  • swizzlerz

    best thing all msn will work on skype. with facebook chat integration all 3 sets of contacts are there. or they are also there in the windows 8 messanger … neat eh?? its still there.

  • swizzlerz

    they are combining them into 1. its not shutting down. still working… just built into skype.