Must watch: ZTE Grand S LTE hands-on (how not to do a product demo)


  • ExcessDan

    That’s such a beautiful men’s diamond bracelet, lol

  • Petephone

    My 14 year old son could have memorized the specs with a better presentation, i’m embarrassed for ZTE.

    • CRTC

      Lucky she also forgot to mention it comes with only a 1780mah battery…

  • Tom@Bell

    That poor girl. I didnt watch the whole video, but i hope shes hot.

  • trollant

    probably new at the job, just doesn’t realize its the wrong job

  • Justin

    wow that was awkward lol

  • troll


  • 2 cents

    The cameraman was nice about her utter lack of knowledge. Good on you for not making her look even more foolish.

    • tiesto

      He did say “Oh, well, I guess I’ll find out the specs myself then!”, which I thought was pretty funny.

  • m82a1

    That was painful to watch.

  • dv

    How did this lady get this job lolol

  • tiesto

    “It’s, like, the best.”
    “Android 4.0 Jelly Bean”
    “16 GB EMMC”

    Oh God, why?

  • Andrew

    It’s Qualcomm…LOOOOOOL

    • sally suthers


  • Harold

    pretty sure that smart phone is smarter than her…..she’s probably blonde and uses an iphone.

    • sally suthers

      Guaranteed iPhone user. That is what they ALL sound like!

    • Chris

      But she sounds hot.

  • CJ

    Wow,that was terrible!

  • roman

    So she’s not a phone nerd. You don’t have to be a jerk about it.

    • sally suthers

      She is the jerk for not taking a few hours to learn about the phone she was hired to explain. She know practically nothing.

      She is responsible for increasing the knowledge of the device to press and consumers but clearly thought partying the night before or something was more important. = jerk.

  • jess

    Oh wow that was painful

  • EmperumanV

    LOL. “Best out there!” “Android 4.0 Jelly Bean. All hilarious comments”, she doesn’t even know the CPU specs. Just says Qualcomm LOL.

    Ah girls like this, makes it easier to date LOL.


    Thats why woman specially Blonds don’t belong in a mans workplace. Someone should tell this dumb Blond to leave it to the professionals and to back to take care of her kids and clean the house and have dinner on the table for her man, while he’s doing real work.

    ZTE Should fire this chick right away, A 5 year old Boy could of done a better job.

    PS: To All the woman out there, leave the real work for the professional men out there and know your role is to stay home and take care of your kids, cook and clean.

    • EvanK

      I hope you’re kidding, you sexist SOB.

    • 0defaced

      F***C*K Y*O*U

      Sincerely, Canada.

  • EvanK

    “Well, the ZTE’s like, the best out there, it’s actually an Android, 4.0 Jellybean…”

    I understand that not everyone’s a phone nerd like us, but if you’re not at least try to memorize the specs correctly, or find a job that you have a passion for and you do specialize in.

    • sally suthers

      Like sandwich making and dishes.

  • lane

    all i could think of was the genius meme

  • Corey

    that, quite literally, made my CES week worthwhile. Thank you, Ian.

  • Money Loo

    Holy crap this chick sounds like she’s reciting a random phone pamphlet that she only studied once.

    I’m not sure what it has in it or doesn’t.

    That’s right, I actually know LESS about this phone now.

    Bravo booth babe. Bravo.

  • koalameatpie

    “It’s like, the best ever.”

    I don’t know what to feel, sorrow or pity?

    • gjeff12

      Its hard to argue with that. “Excuse me, the [better phone] is better.” “Yeah, but this one is like the best.”

  • screamer

    4.0 jelly bean wasn’t the best. Network ltgsm is the burner!!!

  • Noah

    Right when she said “It’s like, the best” I knew this was gonna be bad..and by bad I mean good.

  • Who’sThere?

    Haha, I couldn’t go past “4.0 Jellybean”.

  • arcsvibe

    Well if she is a sales/marketing rep for ZTE that was a really pathetic, unprofessional demo.

  • Aiden

    That was cute haha, too bad the phone nerds are ripping her a new one for not knowing what CPU it uses -_-. Get a life jerks.

  • Pete

    You, nerds, are furious! But I do agree, she should have put at least some of the effor into getting to know the phone more.

    Or she could have been a last minute substitution.

    Or maybe she’s a cleaning lady, who just happened to be dusting the phone off, when the clearly nerdy camera man barged in, and started asking non-cleaning related questions.

    All-in-all, the fairest conclusion here is that most of you need to get laid 😉

  • Zeake

    My Girlfriend is JUST like that… She knows **** about the new phone I just gave her and it’s funny as HELL to hear her tell her friends “all about it”, but she’s cute so it’s all gud!

  • BreathLess

    She should have told him to ask Siri lol


    more chinese junk. die slow android.

  • Henry

    She obviously doesn’t know her tech but if she’s as hot as everyone is thinking I probably would have hired her too

  • Maddy

    Isn’t it ZTE’s responsibility too to a) HIre people with the right aptitude for this sort of thing OR 2) Train them appropriately before they hit the floor. After all its their flagship device. This shows how much they care about the device, and I can only imagine what their after sales support is going to be like 🙂

  • Manny

    I wouldn’t be mad at her, it’s true, you can tell she’s completely lost and hoping the guy she’s showing the phone to doesn’t have any questions. I thought it was funny when he asked how much it weighed, she was soooo disappointed and answered “no”…. like saying “no, that’s one spec I failed to memorize”

    I’m not mad at her because she’s probably just a good looking woman trying to milk her looks in a place full of tech geeks who would go gaga for the way she looks anyway and not care about the specs. On the other hand, bad showing on ZTE’s part to hire people who are unprepared and to a degree unprofessional. You’re showing off your flagship, put your best foot forward. What are they surprised that tech bloggers where going to show up and ask questions? Isn’t that a big part of the reason for CES???? It’s all tech people looking at what’s the latest and greatest, they’re bound to have questions. Next time ZTE, look at websites like this one, have a contest, and pick people who know they’re stuff to represent you. I’m sure if you made it a contest, winner gets an all expense paid trip to CES and gets to work our booth, you would have scored huge with the community and you would have had people who are passionate about their tech stuff.


    • Peter Lemay

      Suchhhhhh a good idea!

    • GrapeApe

      Yeah exactly , it’s all well and good to be a pretty face, but if you can’t relay the company’s message it’s bad. Booth babes should be handing out flyers, not demoing the products.

  • Abe

    Actually turned on by her daftness :). I am imagining that after all that talk she ends it by saying “uh! do want to do me?” 🙂

    • skullan

      Let’s face it. If she did end it that way, those would be the specs I’d really like to see.

  • skullan

    ZTE should have trained her better and not relied on self-learning.

  • new_tradition

    I’ll forgive her for not correctly memorizing the processor since I still have a hard time memorizing that as well, but Jellybean 4.0? No. Just, no.

    As for the phone itself, a comment suggested weak battery, and for a large display phone, thin and pretty it may be, but I don’t want it passing out on me halfway through a day.


    • GrapeApe

      Difference being that’s here job, and she shouldn’t be in the hardware segment demoing complex producs if shecan’t keep up.

      She shoulda been in the accessories section where people aren’t asking about ‘specs’ on the latest case etc.

  • drone

    Guess now we know why women belong in the Kitchen 😀


  • Clockwork

    I’ve worked at E3 in the past in LA, and when your company needs “Booth Babes” to help promote products at these large scale events, they don’t really know much. They shouldn’t even really be presenters, just more like hand out stickers and tshirts.

    Companies just go through model agencies and they get sent over, it’s not like you have the time to start screening them all.

    A lot of people who attend CES are usually already “in The know” about the devices and are just there to see it hands on.

    Poor girl, but thanks for the laugh.

  • Moody Jones

    Android 4.0 Jellybean?


    Network is LT – LTGSM

    You can tell she was hot by how nice the guy was to her.

  • no

    when I woke up this morning the first thing that passed through my head was “well the zte is like the best out there” I know sad but I just had to watch it again.

  • NorOntByndWrlss

    Use your head guys. I have done promtional makerting for years. This young lady does not work for ZTE. She is a part time rep from a subcontracted (most likely) promotional marketing company. Anyone who has done promotional marketing normally has never seen the product before hand. She would only have the following product information to work with:
    1. The information on the box for the product.
    2. The quick start guide for the phone (as we all know; printed User’s Manuals are a thing of the past)
    3. A phamphlet or handout for the device.

    I do agree that this young lady does not sound like the brightest person however the job of a promtional marketing rep is never to be a product expert. A good promtional marketing rep should be outgoing, easygoing and not afraid to engage people. Some companies also place importance on “looks.”

  • coolchick

    LTGSM? Seriously? LTGSM….

  • mike

    Passion for the wireless industry was and I’d bet never going to be there. Maybe an actresses passing through Vegas on her way to LA? With her almost perfect valley girl talk it seems a given.

  • Jim

    since most android users buy sub 200$ phones because they are not heavy users i would say its safer to say most android users are not as tech savvy as iPhone users. Its statements like assuming she is an iPhone user because she was probably hired to be a “booth babe” and tried to do a demo out of courtesy without knowing much more then what was on a que card, that makes android users look bad.

  • coop3422

    I think I’d bet a fair share she uses an iPhone. iOS is the easiest, most user friendly OS out there. I sold cell phones for about 7 years, in the past 3, if any customer came in looking for somethign easy to use, they wen’t home with an iPhone.

    Want proof? Go to a bar and talk to some women, I’ll guarantee iOS vs Android is at least 5:1. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but for you to say android users are less tech savvy than iOS users is just absurd.

    Either way, the video was entertaining, and I’m sure the poor girl had 0 training. That said, take at least a little pride in your work and memorize the 6 or 7 specs, it’s not hard. I mean short of “13 mega pixel” and “Qualcomm” and the screen size, did she even get anything right? And those were’nt even right answers lol. Screen resolution, what chip, all things a presenter should know lol. We had a woman at our Bell Galaxy Nexus training last fall, she knew her stuff!

  • hurric

    I went to buy a micro usb cable at my local Fido store and the girl had no idea the difference between micro and mini usb. thank god the guy came and help answer my questions (basically guy would say and girl would do it)

  • ohh

    If she’s pretty then it was all okay, but if she’s ugly then she should go to hell. I bet that’s what you guys have been thinking…

  • yess

    I bet she screwed up because she’s really cute and all the guys were giving her their lustful looks.

  • down

    I don’t think she knows how to unlock the lock screen. Iphone doesnt have lock screen anymore? Lol

  • GrapeApe

    This was the case with everyone though, even Qualcomm didn’t have very technical folks there to answer about the Snapdragon 800 even in the display ‘capsule’.

    All the booths were essentially manned by regurgitating PR & Marketing folks not anyone who even knows the tech in a cursory fashion. Sometimes they had tech folks they could point to, but not many of them, and that even applied to the big players even Sony whose folks idn’t even know the type of 3D refresh let alon polarization they were displaying on the 4K 3D display.

    Intel at least had a bunch of people they could point to from the initial PR folks manning the displays.

    The main thing is, you may be a pretty face, but if you’re displaying just one product, learn more than the one page list of letters & numbers or else you still look hot, but the company employing looks st00pid.

  • teda

    Her specs would be more interesting than the phone’s specs.

  • gigi

    ummmm its like shiny and biggg and umm its thinnnn and ummm ya its gonna be in china…

  • teda

    Shiny would be the butt, big would be the breasts, thin would be the hips and what…she’s only available in china?

  • Savbers