RIM once again confirms at least six BlackBerry 10 devices will launch in 2013


  • Drew Moreberry

    I want a 4.5+ inch display blackberry. 4.2 is too small for giant giant hands.

    • I am excited

      It’s like Christmas! Which one should I choose, which one should I choose.

      I am a keyboard fanatic so I think I know the answer haha

    • Santa Timmins

      don’t fool yourselves. RIM is dead.

    • REDRUM

      LONG LIVE THE RIM!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Assdroid

      RIP Android 🙂

    • REDRUM

      The chances of RIM succeeding has the same chances as me getting laid tonight. ZERO..
      RIP RIM

  • Kid.Canada

    Cant imagine myself going back to a screen smaller than my S3’s 4.8″ screen. Don’t get me wrong im all with RIM for success with BB10 but the screen size doesn’t cut it for me. I’ll wait for a 4.8 or a 5″ bb10 phone to come out and ill switch back to Blackberry.

    • Don johnson

      Bet you can’t wait until you have 9“ screen, you’ll look even more goofy holding that to your head than you do with your current phone.


    who cares about BB? #TEAM ANDROID

    • Pondering your silliness.

      Obviously, you do. You must be quite afraid considering you chose to both bash Blackberry and trying to promote your platform of choice.

      Must be quite afraid indeed.

    • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

      I use an android phone and I like it. At the same time, I want RIM to make it. I wouldn’t use it personally. Most BB users can’t give up their BBM. So, this gives them a better reason to stay and better choices.

  • Jake

    rip rim. i need a rim job asap

  • Taylor Seguin

    does the white one on the left not look like those old samsung phones that bell and virgin had? hahaha Samsung Link?

    • hoo dat

      The white phone is a Dev Alpha C unit, nothing like the final production model.

  • Michael McGuinness


  • TZM


  • boycott apple

    too little.. too late..

  • Jim

    For an apparently “dying” company, as some of you RIP-RIMMERS pretending to believe, RIM is doing quite well indeed.

    I am looking forward to seeing and playing with the final product, before I decide whether I will be buying it or not.

  • Fandroid

    RIM is not dead, RIM deserves to die

  • jimmy the gee k

    6 phones? J e s u s! Why not 3 really nice phones to target high end, quarty users and a solid entry phone.

    6+ phones is just s t u p i d.

  • sally suthers

    Rim are releasing more phones then McDonalds has burger options. Think about that…

  • Nothin But RIM

    Lets keep in mind that they said 6 DEVICES not phones but DEVICES. Just wanted to point that out to people who interpret sentences instead of reading them.

    • sally suthers

      ” We heard back in August that there would be six phones in 2013, three with keyboards and three without, and today the company’s Chief Marketing Officer, Frank Boulben, confirmed the assertion.”

      Take your own advice and read the article before trying to come off as intelligent. Now you look like a d u m b a s s. Thanks for the advice, though.

  • skullan

    If they are phones, that hopefully will mean that there will be a possible low-end (curve) and high-end model selection.

    A chicken for every pot, a car in every garage and a Blackberry in every pocket?

  • Paul

    You guise are i****s. It says ” device ” which doesn’t mean only phone but tablets as well.

  • bilzkh

    Offer one at $300-350 price point off-contract and I am in.

  • Waiting for Razr M HD w/3300mah

    Rim won’t execute 6 phones in 2013. Rim=fail.

  • gjeff12

    So they’ll almost definitely have two bolds, two curves, and either two mid range phones, or maybe a bigger screened one.

  • arcsvibe

    Well I hope they are able to pull it off and do well. Nothing like competition kids!

  • allin

    I root for everyone but apple so go rim , go ms and go Google and eat away that apple pie


    cant wait to see where android gets buried so i can go pee on there grave 🙂

    • Henry

      Can’t believe how many tards make stupid comments on RIM and WP8 articles. I love my android but I see no reason why we can’t have 4 successful ecosystems. Better for all of us if the choices are there. RIM4LIFE you must be 12 years old. What we don’t know is if WP8 and RIM will make the long haul but what we do know is that nothing in the foreseeable future will stop IOS and Android from maintaining a healthy market share. Basically I’m just saying grow up and be mature about tech competition.

  • Bill

    I seriously hope that there are two versions of three devices! E.g. tablet, touchscreen phone and qwerty phone in GSM and CDMA (for VZ and the like).

    If they go back to the days of making billions of different phones.. they’re toast.

    I don’t see how they can make a budget version of a phone with their stated minimum specs (e.g. guaranteeing developers only have to deal with two screen sizes instead of 50). I guess lower quality screen and cheaper plastics would make up for some cost, but I don’t think it would be enough.

  • Mike

    Where did the author get 90% of the top 600 apps on iOS and Android from? Is that accurate? If so… I LIKE!

    • phreezerburn

      The RIM developer board had as much posted 6 months ago. If the original developer had not gotten on board, another would be picking up that niche themselves as RIM would be making the payday $10K at the minimum which is $800 more than the averaged iOS app’s generated revenue and vastly more than Android’s. The consensus therein, among cross platform developers, has been all along that not only is QNX easier to code in than Android or iOS but that the BB10 OS itself has many features which enhance the overall experience of using apps ported to it. Apple forums wouldn’t be talking copying the Anyplace Reveal and the un-shadowing effect if it aesthetically wasn’t a marketable enhancement to a mobile device.

  • no

    mid range touch/keyboard
    high end touch/keyboard
    7inch tablet
    10-11inch tablet

  • bembol

    Once again RIM is repeating history by releasing MULTIPLE versions (Curve & Bold).


    They will never learn.

  • Craig

    i hope they make it ….. I wouldn’t buy one but I hope they can pull it off and at least surpass WP8 … it’s nice seeing Microsoft fail. Now if only Nokia can put out android phones so they can pull themselves out of that rut!!!!!

  • Joe public

    BlackBerry will do just fine with the new line of phones

  • Sweet

    “… 90% of the top 600 apps on iOS and Android. ”

    Where did the author get that stat ? If it’s true, then that’s the kind of info that RIM needs to really publicize, since that gives users a much better reassurance that their favourite apps will be available on BB10, than simply stating the total number of apps in their app store. That’s especially true given that BB has focused on business users, thus giving the public the impression that only business apps are available for BB, which will not attract the average consumer.