Qualcomm announces new mobile chips, to cross the 2Ghz mark in 2013


  • Ron Mexico

    Cortex A15, right? These things are going to require phones at 5.5″ and larger to handle the heat. Get ready for all phones to look like the Note2 or bigger.

    • EvanK

      I honestly don’t mind the size of the Note 2 that much, but anything larger literally is a tablet that cam make phone calls. The Huawei Ascend Mate that was announced yesterday is 6.1″, that’s less than an inch away from being a Nexus 7.


      WELL this is how the industry is going, you wont find any smart phone with a 4-4.5 inch any more except the iCrap and bb10

      All will have a 5″ – 6.1″


      ya 97% care about the Apple logo printed on the back of their phone even if the phone comes with tons on problems

    • IceScream

      OEMs simply don’t get it !!

      We DON’T want 4 or 8 or 16 cores
      We don’t want 2 or 4 GB or RAM
      We don’t want 5″screens (too big/takes your pants down)

      We want:
      -R&D in BATTERIES!! ( Better Batteries AND user replaceable)
      -Faster Upgrades (LG, Sony, Moto,HTC, are FAIL in this area)
      -SD cards (have to pay to access your own data? depend on network speeds?/access the cloud?) No thanks!

      People have learned after the first or second phone, now they simply know that the safest way to go is to either buy a nexus or a Samsung phone and the phone will only perform better as time goes by and will have a better re-selling value.

      In terms of balance: the S2 from almost 2 yrs ago is one of the best phones around: Tons of Support, screen not too big (portable) and Good battery life (you can buy a brand new battery on your 2yr olde phone because is user replaceable)

      Something like the S3 with bigger battery is enough ( a4.5 or 4.7″ or a 7″ tablet) They were jus starting to put 2100mAh batteries on 4.5″phones (almost there) and now they are putting 2300mAh on the 2013- 5″??
      Why not go the other way and put a 2300mAh on a 4.5″!! with specs from 2013 and SD card?

    • Ron Mexico

      IceScream: simply put, if you want a bigger battery, you need a bigger battery. They cannot break the laws of physics. More juice need a bigger battery. They can play with battery chemistry to squeeze a little more from the same size, but in the end, as they add these higher and higher clocked CPUs with more and more cores, then will need bigger batteries to drive them.

      They only alternative is to go down the road that Apple has taken, which is to both research their battery chem but also, and more importantly, to develop their own CPUs so they can customize the performance. The problem is that Apple own their own stack, end to end, so they can tweak their CPUs and OS to be optimized to work together for better efficiency. The others would have to have similar end to end control, which they can never have.

      Now, would you prefer a world were we all had crApple deciding for us, or the freedom and joy that Android brings and the trade offs that entails?

      Bigger batteries are here to stay. I would gladly use a 7″ or even 8″ or even a 9″ phone if it meant it had the fastest CPU inside, the biggest display and the biggest battery. If having the fastest car meant strapping a couple extra gas tanks to the roof so I can make it around the block, then that is what it takes.

    • James

      Actually no. Qualcomm has a license to use ARM’s ISA (Instruction Set Architecture) but that’s where the similarities between the ‘Krait’ and the reference designs stop. The ‘Krait’ has a lower TDP @ 2.3GHz than the Exynos 5 Quad does @ Snapdragon isn’t an ARM A15 chip.

    • James

      Actually no. Qualcomm has a license to use ARM’s ISA (Instruction Set Architecture) but that’s where the similarities between the ‘Krait’ and the reference designs stop. The ‘Krait’ has a lower TDP @ 2.3GHz than the Exynos 5 Quad does @ 1.5-1.7GHz. Also the ‘Krait’ performs better (on average) per cycle.

      You can think of it like this. The Qualcomm CPU is almost a completely custom design at this point. The Samsung part is just ARM’s reference design with a few tweaks to suit their applications and fabricated. Which is why in the industry, we use Samsung’s part as an ARM reference equivalent when evaluating competitor performance.

      TL;DR => Snapdragon isn’t an ARM A15 chip.

  • screamer

    I think the 2ghz we will see in the note 3 later this year. But we will see also a big boost in the S4. Somebody wrote RiP rim I write RiP apple

    • Bill Murray

      Rip Apple? 97% of earth’s population doesn’t care how fast their phones processor is as long as the phones a joy to use. Apple doesn’t have to have the very best in technology, they just have to make sure there not “too far behind”. This has seemed to work out for them.

  • Dalex

    These are nice, but it would be impressive if we could hear about an advance in battery technology for once. The speed increases are less than barely noticeable now so I’d love for my phone to last longer as opposed to an unnoticeable increase in speed…

    • Ron Mexico

      Battery life is easy to solve yet still bound by physics. All they need to do is increase the size of the batteries. This has been the best, easiest and cheapest way to improve battery life and has been one critical factor in driving Samsung to push bigger and bigger phones. It’s common sense. Bigger phones allow bigger batteries. Expect larger phones if you want more juice. Every time you hear about a bigger phone, you are hearing about an advance in battery technology, through the most straight forward route…bigger.

  • Porilaisten

    Oh I can’t wait until I can get 15 minutes per charge.

  • RyanOver

    with Snapdragon 800… Qualcomm just killed the competition. Exynos 5 by Samsung don’t stand a chance, maybe the Nvidia Tegra 4 is better on graphics side but in processor, don’t stand a chance.
    I just ho^pe HTC choose the Snapdragon 800 instead of the Tegra 4 this year, cause they both supported LTE but Qualcomm does it better

  • Clueless

    This. Is. So. Exciting… it’s crayyy!

  • Mike

    Where do you guys feel Exynos5 is in the market? Is Tegra4 better?

  • Kevin

    I’ll get ripped for saying this…but I think this is ridiculous that it seems that all the industry cares about is “processing speed”. Like many of you have said…why not put R&D into optimizing batteries, improving the OS and even more innovative phone designs.

    I cuurently have a Lumia 800 and N9…and they both only have single core running 1Ghz – 1.3Ghz, They both plenty smooth and fast too me…now I’m going to sound like a fanboy, but Nokia in my eyes has the perfect balance of all aspects. Yes I know all I’ve said is just a matter of personal opinion.

    Just seems to me the fast turnover rate and such frequent speed increase in processors seems to be the easy way out rather that trying to put R&D into other aspects…its like your typical guy with his muscle cars…all he wants is a v12 with more power…when now the car industry is learning to utilize smaller engines + turbos for better fuel economy and performance when needed….just my 2 cents.

  • andy c


    so much for the advantages of the N4 having a “modern cpu”

    still a great phone though.

  • len

    I personally think the main reason we are going for bigger and bigger screen isn’t that everyone wants them.

    With a bigger screen it means you have a bigger phone and therefore able to put in a bigger battery.

    In theory this should help solve the problem of battery life instead of acutally solving the problem by makeing batter batteries, more effectent CPU, or a more efficent OS